Humanoid race reputed to be formidable warriors and regarded for over 9000 years to be the greatest strategic minds in the galaxy. This reputation is so strong that it has not been tested in recent memory. While many Zakdorn find employment as strategists or planners, the resounding majority serve in bureaucratic or minor political positions. Physically, the Zakdorn do not meet their reputation, they have pale skin with many folds, and the majority of Zakdorns are obese and weak. This has not affected their reputation, however, and Zakdorn strategists are of great value.

Biologically, the female Zakdorn has certain physical differences from the males other then the obvious, breasts.  Their folds are a lot more discrete even when they are older.  A certain disease named Ginostika, a genetic disease that translate to a in-tron T Cell to be active, that physically change a Zakdorn appearances.  No cure for this disease since no reported deaths.  The ones suffering of this disease look like any humanoid, but as they get older, they don't get the folds of skin so characteristic of their race but they do have a tendency to get fat. It would seem that in the evolution of the Zakdorn they look a lot like us, the fold of skin might have been an evolution trait cause by the environment and so their bodies adapt.  Mentally, this disease as also another trait, they would seem to suffer from a form of attention deficit disorder which for them is a great taboo, and offense.  This disease is early detected, around the age of 5 yrs old, and the individuals are often shun by others.


Commander Tahlmari

Average age of death, for men it's 98, and for women 96.  Average size, for men 6 foot, for women, 5 foot 5 inches.  Pregnancy last 7 months and highly demanding on the female of the species.

Social, no literature is known at the exception of strategy, finance, industry, and management books.  They don't seem to have enemies, and their planets seem to have no strategic or economic value to have some.  You will often hear from a Zakdorn the expression. "Practical" and "Acceptable loss".

Addendum : Commander Tahlmari, Captain Lowell's husband, suffered from Ginostika.