Population : 2 575 230 000 approx.

Rotation : 27.3 hrs

Year : 382 days

Physical description : Humanoid species, their skin color is a deep dark red, eyes are usually a light yellow, they also have some white marking on there faces, usually tattooed. They sorta have two horns that is shape around their skull. Size, males and females can go up to 7 feet.   Hands, they have 6 fingers. Their planet is a binary star system. Environment on their planet is tropical, high humidity. Fresh water is brought down a mountain for a sophisticated system of aqueducts. Gravity on the planet is slightly denser then Earth.

Culture : They have controlled their violent tendency through education and there isn't any family unite. When born, they are taken from the mother to a sorta of day-care system that they call a Kovar. At the age of 6 yrs old, they are taken to an education facility, they learn the basis, read, write, maths, science, and physical discipline. This goes on, right up to the age of 20, and 2 yrs in a military school, many end there. If some decided to take a career and go explore space it is another 2 yrs for the space academy. Specialisation in a different field, another 2 yrs. The children, right up to the age of 22, are taken care of by the entire society, lead by the Government.

Now, they are peaceful, but they hate liars, actually, lying is taboo but not forbitten. They believe in free expression of emotions, but expressing anger, fear, jealousy attracts weird looks and are rarely seen. They will also protect their society by all means, but they are open to other culture. This to a certain limit, to be part of their society, you have to be pass by a comity who will judge if the new comer's background are good to be part of their society, if not, the new comer is invited to leave the solar system and come back in a 50 of their years which last 382 Earth days.

Planet : 4th planet in a binary star solar system. M class planet, desert and tropical environment, major cities are in the desert part of the continents. Water is brought down from the mountains or deep in the soil. The temperature is nearly constant, there winter is a rain season in the tropical land, in the mountains snow.

Ecology, normal in all aspect, animal, vegetal, etc. Ocean cover 70% of the planet and is a land of plenty. Four continents, 2 polar caps.

Gravity : slightly denser then Earth.

History : They followed the normal curvature of evolution. They reach industrial level around 2000 yrs. Space age, 700 yrs. Space exploration, 200 yrs. Warp Technology, 150 years. Planet society unification happen around 500 yrs ago after a devastating war.