Insect part of the family of the wasp, but this one is a new version of this insect.  It has been genetically engineered to parasite humanoid lifeforms.  It has been discovered by the Scorpion crew, on a planet survey to find metals and minerals and repair the ship.  Captain Alexandra Lowell got infected by this parasite.  They were deeper in the Beta quadrant, in a zone yet not explored by our long rang probes.  They placed a quarantine buoy warning any wandering travelers about those parasite insects.

First, the insect stung a humanoid.  Like a wasp, there's a venom, but this is special type, it manages after 24 to 48 hrs to paralyze the host.  That is when the second stage started.  The venom mutates and assembles themselves together to form a larvae.  The third stage.  Those larvaes starts to consume the host slowly and even other parasite, it's brothers or sisters.   They don't seem to have any sex difference which reinforce the genetically engineered theory.  Fourth and final stage of those parasite, the mutate and come out of the host body.  So far, the only cure for this parasite are ninites programmed to destroy them.  Depending on the sophistication of the ninites, it might require the humanoid to be put in stasis for a very long time (between 10 to 60 years).

For now, we still don't know who engineered those insects, but there is an obvious reason, to destroy another race and take over their planets since all the buildings and other resources remains intact.