Planet Classification : M Class Rotation : 24 hrs. 36 min. Gravity : Same has earth Planet size : 5% bigger than earth Duration of the year : 374 days Population : 55 millions, separated in three major continents.

Addendum : They have just been accepted as new Federation members.

Distant history Edit

Their evolution started three million years ago after the extinction of the humanoids that they call “MAMS” (Mammals). Those beings were at a stage of evolution that I could grade has the end of the twentieth century beginning twenty first century. The Wulnians discovered how they came to be through archaeological breakthrough and were capable to piece together what happen toward the end to them.

The Mams covered the entire continent who was forming, at the time, one land mass. Because of the population growth, they created new species of plants through genetic manipulation and this way augmented the production of food that the plants produced.

By an accident of faith, an asteroid (rated a global killer) crash on the coast of the continent. It would seem that the Mams saw it too late and couldn’t do anything about it. The result was the partial disappearance of life. The Mams couldn’t resist and finally disappeared.

Present ecology Edit

The new genetic material blended with the ecology of the area, creating new chains of DNA and ultimately the Wulnians. Only certain plants seem to have taken the new genetic material and became humanoid plants. The planet still have a normal vegetation and also a fauna compose of small mammals, amphibians, and reptiles. The fauna comprise some carnivorous mammals the size of a leopard to rat like animals, vegetarian mammals the size of goats to bunnies. Amphibians, resembling salamanders and frogs. The reptiles, crocodiles twice has big has the Nil crocodile.

Also to be noted, the ocean plant life weren’t affected by the new genetic materials, or at least the Wulnians never found such evidence of intelligent life among the vegetal fauna. The ecology of the ocean are very similar to earth.

Politic and Religion Edit

Politic situation : Stable

Politics affairs and religions are separated and the first subject goes has follows. The Wulnians are ruled by a circle of the most ancient of their species. Each generations comes about to their “Time of Sittings”. They gather in an area to plant themselves in a circle facing each other or side by side. This allows them to communicate with each other so they don’t become lonely. A younger mate may choose to join the circle at the same time or when their own time of joining comes. Each circles get enrich during the years and the most ancient becomes the last voice of the planet. Decision are democratic and all decisions that will affect the entire planet are brought to them and they may be of any type. They are often slow to reach a decision as they are so long lived.

Religion : Peaceful ceremony

Time of Sitting

The life span of the Wulnians are on average about 150 years. The oldest member of community is 237 years old. Has they get old and also big, their needs increases and the best for them is to take root in the soil that saw them born. They chose a place, often close to other that when through this and take root. The elders of the Wulnians may still move but it is with great difficulty and they do not choose to do so except under great duress and usually with help, because they do continue to grow. They are also taken care for by the community once a year, by an offering of new soil.

The Wulnians reunite once a year, at the summer solstice in a specific place and also at autumn equinox. The place they reunite is considered has sacred.

In the center, there’s three petrified “rock” trees. They were estimated at two centuries old, and geologically they were 65 millions years old. Despite the time pasted and earthquakes, they are in good condition at the exception of some of the small branches that broke.

Around to trees, was built an enormous coliseum. Each steps would have a meter or two of ground. The families would be group together and their feet would sprout roots. After, their hands and arms would branch out to the others and in the sky. They would make a sound that approach the song of the Tibetan monks. The ceremony would start before sun up and would end at sun down. This religion would happen at different time of the year in the three continents.

Recent history Edit

The Wulnians develop WARP technology more than a century and a half years ago and they have two types of ships and one type of station. The person who develop the process was Grizi Aloni and by the way he is still alive. (Note : You can find of which family and continent he comes from!)

-Exploration Class

-Combat Class (Now use for patrolling their space.)

Their ships is about 60% larger than are biggest ships, and the space station is twice are own. They have approximately the ranks of hierarchy inside a ship as we have. They have a Captain, FO, 2O, etc. The ship deck plans could go has follows. All decks are more then three meters high, and some are seven meters high also throughout the ship, special lighting UV have been install.

Deck 1 : Bridge, Conference Room, Mess Hall, CO and bridge officer’s quarters.

Deck 2 : Crew members quarters and an emergency medical bay.

Deck 3 : Scientist, medical, astrophysics, etc… Laboratories of all kind.

Deck 4 : Weapons system, phaser and torpedoes like weapon.

Deck 5 : Entertainment deck, where the crew can play and enjoy some more intense artificial sun light. This deck is seven meters.

Deck 6 : Hydroponics bay and water processing. There’s a twenty four hour maintenance. It comprise more then twenty two plants, some for the fabrication of their cookies, others for natural consummation.

Deck 7 : The food processors, and water distribution unite.

Deck 8 : Shuttle bays 1 and 2 at the front, 3 and 4 at the back. There’s also the escape pods.

Deck 9 : Shuttle bay 5 and 6 in front, 7 and 8 at the back. Also used has a store room.

Deck 10 and 11 : Engineering.

They also came to the conclusion that tempering with lesser advance species was destructive and the Wulnians develop laws of non-interference of any less evolved species. They have also a very strict politics for war. They are pacifist, and they don’t want to get in the middle of an altercation. They don’t believe in taking side even if non-officially they well. Who ever are the parties, they exclude them from their space sector, and do not help either sides.

Physiology Edit

The Wulnians have no gender for most of them and some species do flowered. Usually couples takes turn in being pregnant, but it happens that both are. It also appear to be at the same area has a humanoid woman, around the belly region. The “Pod” is firmly attach and when it’s time, the baby falls and would have the shape of a bean pod. Sometimes the shell is to hard and a doctor is needed to help out the baby. The born is put on a rich bed of soil and makes roots right away. The baby stays like this for a week, then the parents can take him home. At this time, he’s capable of walking and eat adult food, but enrich with minerals for the first couple of years of his life. They have a very low related death among the new births.

The last month of pregnancy are special, they have a special sector in which they root themselves. This soil is very rich in nutrients and is taken care of by the family and friends.

Like are own plants, they do photosynthesis and need a period of darkness and rest. That is there way of sleeping, and also it’s the period in which they grow. They cultivate their beds, made of moss and soil. The Wulnians need the moisture for their comfort.

Another particularity of the Wulnians, they can only grow branches if the have made roots first. If they don’t, it could mean their death. They discovered, only about fifty years or so a neurological disease which causes some individuals to branch out without roots. They never found a cure for it and it usually mean the death of the subject in two years.

They also suffer like are trees and are plagued by insects, parasites and different types of mushrooms. Some are contagious, and the individuals who are infected, are isolated and treated. In case of fatality, they are burn instead of recycled. In the past, it was a social stigma and a sign of certain death.

Food Edit

For sustenance, they have a special food and it depends on the species. First, I must point out that nothing is wasted. Also they are not for humanoid consumption. They have two stomachs, in with they have special beneficial bacterium which helps them get the nutrients of the food the eat.

They grow certain variety of plants for their rich nutrients. Each family have their agriculture. When it’s harvest time, about twice a year, the special plants are taken to a special treatment facility, where they become a pure compost and freeze dry in the shape of cookies. The Wulnians call those cookies “Krobal”.

They always carry some in purses or bags hook at their belts. For drinking, naturally there’s fresh water but they also drink juices of certain fruits, rich in natural sugar and nutrients. Has the Wulnians get older, they let go those cookies because they need more food.