Hand Phaser : This is a hand held faser weapon for one hand. It fires a beam type phaser blast and has been used since the late 24th century. It has come to be known as the 'Dolphin Phaser' for its curvy snout.


Compression rifle I-II : This is a beam rifle and was made in the late 24th century to replace the beam rifle of that time known as the standered phaser rifle. This has an improved targeting light, two power clips and a new-design split emitter.


EVA Phaser rifle : Specially designed for use with environment suits, the EVA rifle has two pistol-grips and no trigger-guard for ease of handling, as well as magnetized areas for securing in zero-gravity conditions.


Isomagnetic Disintegrator : Shoulder-mounted large-calibre energy weapon. This weapon is not to be used in close quarters because of its high power. It has the ability to take down a tank. Its better for long range but if the target is close enough or big enough you may fire at a closer range.


Standered phaser rifle : This rifle was to become the next type of standered phaser. It has two brother that are slightly more advanced but in different ways to make sure this rifle to be standerized for all ships.


Battle Phaser rifle : This Rifle utilise plasma acceleration to provide a powerful bolt of energy similar to that fired by pulse phaser cannons on the Defiant-class starship.


Sniper rifle : Of the basic same design as the standered rifle it has been changed introducing as an upgrade of the Standered rifle, with improved holographic targeting. The beam can be configured to transport Borg nanoprobes. Much like its brothers as well.


The Klingon-made Tetryon Gatling Gun : A unique weapon that features multiple pre-fire chambers, resulting in an extremely high rate of fire. The secondary fire mode unleashes highly condensed tetryon balls that bounce off metal surfaces. Due to the extreme recoil, the weapon slows the carrier down somewhat while firing.


Head set : One unique aspect of the gun is its Exographic Targeting System, a separate sighting device which communicates with the weapon. The operator wears a wire frame helmet with a monocle attached over one eye, and moves a mouse trackball (mounted on both sides of the weapon, making it ambidextrous) located on the rifle to zoom in to the target. The magazine is contained in the forward hand-grip under the barrel, being removed by releasing a catch and sliding it forward.


Phaser Cannon : Long-barrelled energy weapon mounted on Federation transport vehicles such as the Jeep carried on Argo-type shuttles. The cannon was stored in a recessed bay at the rear of the vehicle, housed perpendicular to the direction of travel until activated and deployed, whereupon it was operated by a rearward-seated crewmember. Includes a targeting screen for better aiming.


Phaser Pistol : This weapons design is from the future of the 29th century. Its scematics are unknown as to how we got them. The difference between the real thing and this though is this is less advanced. It fires blasts of energy like pulses instead of beams. The only thing the same is the design for it. But in theses times even the temporal prime directive can be made an exception at times.


Phaser Drilling Tool : Semi-portable drilling tool. This is basically as powerful as a regular phaser but with an enhanced power pack as well as easier, steadier aiming. Which would make it more useful for drilling than a regular hand phaser.


Cricket phaser : This type of phaser is perfect for concealing from your enemies as a last resort. But be advised to find a replacement that is a larger phaser as soon as possible.


Tricorder : This type of tricorder was used in the earliest of the 25th century. With its antena that can flip out it outmatches any and all other tricorders in all types of scanning including range by far.


TR-116 Projectile Rifle  : An experimental weapon developed by Starfleet Security. It fires tritanium projectiles propelled by expanding gases from a chemical detonation. This rifle was designed for use in areas of high electromagnetic (EM) interference (whether artificial or natural) that would render phasers useless, but was dropped in favor of regenerative phasers.

In 2375, one of these rifles was modified on Deep Space Nine with a micro-transporter connected near the barrel exit. The rifle dematerialized the bullet after firing and rematerialized it just in front of the target, and could possibly have done it inside the victim.

(Written by LD)