Vulcan male


Vulcan male

History  : Humanoid species native to planet Vulcan. Vulcans were once a passionate, violent people whose civilization was torn by terrible wars. An ancient philosopher, name Surak, revered as the father of Vulcan civilization, led his people some 2000 yrs ago, to reject their emotions in favor of a philosophy that embraced pur logic. This is know to be “Time of Awakening. Vulcan society is now based entirely on logic, and any trappings of emotion are considered to be socially unacceptable. Still, in all society, there is some outcast, one such group left Vulcan and colonized many planets across the quadrant. Those became the Romulan Star Empire.

Vulcans and Romulans tried for many centuries to make peace but nearly all the attempts resulted as a failure. At the exception of one, which gave a glimpse of hope, but eventually, didn't work out. It was lead by Ambassador Spock, with the help of a small group of Vulcans and Romulans.

Vulcan female

The first contact with the Human race was in April 5, 2063. A Vulcan survey ship passed through Earth's solar system at that same time that Zefram Cochrane made his first faster than light spaceflight test of the Phoenix, the day before. To be noted that this was the first time a warp drive was used.

Biology  : Vulcans have telepathic ability in limited ways. They use often touch to reach others, even if they can, with some training, without it. The mating ritual (pon far) is regarded sacred and even taboo. With their contact with the Federation, some of it became known. It's the only period in a Vulcan, once every 7 yrs, that a Vulcan experience a period of total emotional abandon, they found themselves in the impossibility to control their emotions. In the past, Vulcans killed to win their mates, even in the present, it can happen but they have instilled it in a ritual matter. When Vulcans are 7 yrs old, their parents select a future mate and the two children are joined in a ceremony that links them telepathically. When the two children come of age, they are compelled to join together for the marriage ritual, the time of mating.

Other aspect, they are stronger then humans. They develop an extrat inner eyelid because of the environment of the planet Vulcan, who is hot and the sun extremely bright. When injured, they can heal themselves by going under a self induced hypnosis. Also to be noted, their shade of skin is also diverse, like the pictures show.    With their telepathic, they have the possibility to cheat death by using a mind meld and transfert their "Katra" or soul or mind into another humanoid.  If the body can be revived, the mind can be reintegrated via a complexe and long mind meld process, where a Vulcan collective through concentration help the person doing the link transfert the mind of the death back to it's rightful place.