USS Relentless



Command-Fleet FO

AGE : 39 yrs old

SPECIES : Human/El-Aurian
HEIGHT : 6 foot
WEIGHT : 155 lbs
HAIR COLOR : Light Brown
SKIN COLOR : Caucasian


For a Captain Robin is not regular for the traditional image of one, he remained very active and in good shape. His height and build have remained the same since the academy and due to his El-Aurian background he has the great ability to maintain his physique with out much effort at all.


As most sons of Admirals end up being Robin was a hell raiser from the word go. He was a highly competitive child that loved to be the centre of attention but at the same time was a very capable listener and was always wise beyond his years. These abilities usually inherent in El-Aurians added to the speculation that his wife unable to conceive Admiral Wilson had turned to another woman who had been the real biological mother to his son. Admiral Wilson always refused to allow Robin to be Genetically tested nor his DNA sequenced, his standing orders that have not been over turned sealed Robin’s file to all except the EMH’s.

The controversy surrounding his birth and his father being a admiral left Robin starved for attention. After the death of his mother at the age of 5 Robin developed a rather disconnected personality where by he avoided emotional attachments, it is believed that Robin still holds his father responsible for his mothers death due to the battle that the ship was involved in. His father being a fleet admiral that disconnection was simple and easy to achieve due to the lack of available time that he had. His relationship with his sister was something that never really grew, after the death of his mother and the unavailability of his father there was a lack of real parental figures in his life and with that in mind Robin did not really have a true concept of the functioning family. This lead to later problems in the relationship when both children began to act up with and against each other.

Seeing the battles around him for most of his life Robin became desensitized to violence at a early age seeing it as a necessity to any action. Being raised by just a Admiral of a fleet with no mother figure he became more and more like his father and with no female influence became very aggressive and the very image of his father. This was up until the age of 9 when Commodore Gideon intervened and took on the female figure in Robin’s life that he required. The Commodore Taught the young Wilson about controlling his emotions and to relay more upon intelligence as opposed to rushing in as he was used to. The Relationship between Commodore Gideon and the young Regina was anything but un-similar to the one that she had with Robin. Commodore Gideon focused her attentions upon Robin and in most circumstances ignored Regina for the most part leaving her to her own devices.

Lt. Comdr. Regina Wilson

The young Wilson finally became more tempered at the age of 18 when the formation of the Athena station finally occurred and the idea finally came in that there would be no more need of just combat officers. 2 years before his sister Commodore Gideon approved his application to the fleet. However with the formation of the Athena and the colonization efforts there was no actual academy structure. With that in mind he joined the fleet as one of the first work experience training program. Over the next 5 years Robin learn a mixture of all departments but his heart lay in security and tactical. On receiving his commission as Lieutenant Jnr grade Robin took a placement on the ship furthest away from his fathers influence and continued to serve on ships at the edge of the fleets influence. Robin never talked to his father for 2 years until his death, returning to the Admirals side at the last moments of his life.

His Fathers death had little effect upon Robin besides meaning that he had a legend to contend with. It was however preferable to the living legend that had once existed as a child. At the point of his fathers death Robin felt closer to his father than ever before, unfortunately that moment between the two Wilson’s could not last. After the Death of Admiral Wilson, Commodore Gideon came clean about the fact that Robin still had living family in the form of her. Commodore Gideon was his real mother and now after the Death of Admiral Wilson he could know the truth. This along with the death of his father encouraged Robin to take a leave of absence. After travailing around the D’Rhang area of space Robin learned a lot about the cultures of the surrounding races and after one year decided to return to the fleet service.

After a debrief Robin returned to intelligence services and operated out of Starbase Athena. Learning a lot more about the actual background work about intelligence, this was coupled with the start of Robin’s command training. After training for another year Robin was assigned to the USS Hope as Tactical and Security Officer with the grade of Commander. During a engagement against some hostile vessels Robin saw the death of his then Fiancée Yalta and best friend Ryko Skylynx. This shook Robin up but he remained as TAC/SC for another year before reluctantly accepting the placement to return to intelligence services. The first mission as returning to intelligence services was to gather Intel on a Gizor planet. During the mission Robin was captured and most of his team was killed. He was tortured for information for 3 months before being rescued by the USS Wolfheart.

After returning to Athena Robin was assigned to the USS Relentless as Captain and it being his first Command he was assigned a old friend. Lt.Cmdr Ryko Skylynx and Lt Yalta Schafio were assigned to the Relentless. Of course the Ryko and Yalta from his universe had been killed during a battle but these two had come from a alternate reality. This lead to certain issues as Robin learned that in their reality that they had come from Yalta and Ryko had watched the death of Robin and then had become a couple. After some adjustment this became a good working relationship for the group.

After 1 Year aboard the Relentless Robin was transferred from pressure from his mother to Strategic services and given another rank leap to Rear Admiral. Not really being prepared for a flag rank Robin took a lot of time to adjust to his new role out of the hot seat. After the mission Robin accepted the opportunity to stand down from his flag rank in return for something more fitting. Accepting a role to discover any other potential Brotherhood operatives inside the fleet and civilian positions. However before he could take this role Commodore Blackford offered him the command of the Relentless once more. Gratefully accepting this position back once more Robin has returned to the Relentless and has continued to attempt to repair the relationship with his sister Regina.


Ship education

Work experience training program

Lieutenant Jnr Grade

Promoted Lieutenant Snr Grade

Transferred to Intelligence

Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Placed on leave Due to Admiral Wilson’s death

Awarded medal of honor, the Picard Award - for actions above and beyond the call of duty

Promoted to Commander

Assigned to USS Hope as TAC/SC

Placed at the requirement of Intelligence services

Ordered to investigate planet deep in Gizor territory by Commodore Gideon

Rescued by USS Wolfheart after Gizor attack

Promoted to Captain - Reassigned to Fleet from Intelligence services

Transferred to Strategic operations

Transferred to Command USS Relentless

Temporary transfer to Strategic intelligence

Promotion to Rear Admiral

Transfer to Diplomatic services

Resignation from active service to head up Internal senate security

Return to active service - Placement as Commanding Officer of USS Relentless - Rank Captain

Promoted to Commodore Strategic Services

Promoted to Admiral

Reassumed command USS Relentless

Promoted to Vice Admiral Fleet FO


Post traumatic stress from capture by Gizor race - Medical report cleared - Refused Counselling

Shot whilst on Diplomatic services - Phaser burns to right shoulder - Treated and healed


Robin has a keen interest in regular chess and likes to play whenever the occasion arises. Besides his obsession with chess he is a keen reader and likes to play tennis in the Holodeck, despite his only real tennis partner being his sister that dislikes the sport completely.

Being a El-Aurian comes with it the great power of being able to be a very good listener, however his human side tends to add a lot more speech to the matter than a standard El-Aurian would go for. With that in mind Robin can be a bit head strong but a loyal and close friend to a lot of his crew. His main skill would be from his experience at tactical and intelligence, his years in each department allowed him to become very verse in both departments and thus tends to relie on his abilities in those areas more than anything else.