Unknown ship

Race: Unknown Planet: Unknown

Encounter Details: None

Treaty Status: None

Intelligence Report:

By Commodore Gideon Chief of Intelligence

So far this race has gone un-encountered by the Federation, however from what has been gathered from information from other races would be that the race known as the Krad (not their actual name) once ruled the most of the new fleet area. Even stretching into the old Federation territory. However they were not pleasant species, they are accused of eradicating 100 planets in a war with another older race. However no evidence thus far has been discovered, the image in the file was given to the intelligence services by the Thenisian people from their historical archives. From comparison with other species historical files they all have a common image but different names and refer to mind control powers and a slavery of countless worlds.

The disappearance of this species is more disturbing than the stories of their rule, from the D'Rahg the species

"disappeared into the shadows from where they had come,"

At the present time a archaeological team has been sent to home worlds where there is suppose to have been a Krad strong hold. 2476 after one month on the planet the team has reported discovering an "interesting find," no further contact has been made. A ship was sent to investigate this silence, according to the scientific findings, a skull of an Neanderthal man and a body part of this species was discover nearly side by side, but because of the Gizor discovering the team, and some fighting, they had to leave the sector.

(Written by RB & LD)