Terra Nova

Humans 16 528
Klingons 8 425
Vulcans 452
El-Aurians 134
Betazoids 426
Bajorans 523
Acamarians 311
Bolian 308
Elasean 452
Kriosian 380
Napean 274
Orions 351
Trill 415
Zakdorn 362
Others 757
Grand total 30 098

Let start by presenting what we have right now. Terra Nova is the planet where we found refuge and that we are living since 7 yrs now. There seem to be no trace of intelligent lifeforms on this planet, exception of animal life and some are rather big in size. It is composed of 2 major landmass and some islands of various sizes. We found this planet 12 days after our arrival in this unexplored area of space. We are settled in a small galaxy composed of 7 major planets and an steroid belt at the end. Terra Nova has 2 small moon, there is a project to construct a station on the biggest one.   In the asteroid belt, an advance outpost, outmaned to have an eye out there.

The census of the population has a grand total of 29 645 people, this number included crew officers and civilians when we arrived here. Of this number, there is 8 156 Klingons who settled themselves in an Island that is now bridged with the main land of this planet. Now, the population number increased rather well. We have 30 098 in total, for the Klingons, they have 8425 and more are to come. We expect that in the 10 yrs anniversary, we will have reach the 31 000 people. There is many races and intermix marriage are frequent and some of the bigger groups decided to forgo marriage to multiple contract partners to increase population. Vulcans, Betazoid, Bajorans, El-Aurians, Acamarians, Bolian, Elasean, Kriosian, Napean, Orion, Trill, Zakdorn, of course Humans and a few others. From all the accounts, many others just fled without looking back, some warned by the incoming threat. According to calculation, it would take 14 yrs or more for any ships of the Federation or the enemy to reach us. The only notable situation that happened was the discovery of an El-Aurians ship with people on board, about 75. We have welcomed them. The details of the population is as follows. At first, it was a struggle to set up a permanent camp on this planet. We set up temporary ones,

William MacGregor

find a few food sources. By setting up people there, it free the ships to really survey this planet resources. In a year, three villages were formed, who later the next year became a small city, surrounded by other villages. We form some farms, found meat also, mining resources are exploited, we have found some dilithium on the planet and also in an asteroid belt in the galaxy we are in. We found also titanium and other elements, and metals good for construction. In 3 yrs, nearly all the civilians were set up on this planet comfortably. Finding all this material, they decided to construct a space station as a first line of defense, Starbase Athena was completed in 4 yrs, the construction started a bit more then a year after there settlement on the Terra Nova.

One man came to light to organize this project, his name is William MacGregor, 56 yrs old ex-ambassador of the Federation on Betazed, now Head Council on Terra Nova. Had a wife that died during the Alliance War, and has one daughter that is a school teacher. In his youth, he was a Starfleet officer, went right up to First officer before deciding to change careers. Beside him are, Councilor Galor, Klingon, who was Captain of the B'Moth. He is 53 yrs old, widow, has a son that is Lieutenant on board the USS Avenger. The third part of the Council is Councilor Wron, Vulcan, age 125 yrs old, married with 3 children, one born on Terra Nova. He is a scientist, and his field of expertise is geology. The Council takes turns in taking decision. This year is now William MacGregor to be Head of Council.

(Written by LD)