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The T'Kon empire was in 600 000 yrs ago, a formidable force through 2 quadrant. The T'Kon empire had a population of over a trillions and had incredibly advance technology. They had the ability to move entire star systems using planets as outpost for defence. Their empire collapse not long after the age of Makto when the central star of their own system went supernova.

It was only later, that a T'Kon station was discovered. Further investigation, lead by Captain Alexandra Lowell, who at the time was Lieutenant but also previously was a Archeologist/Anthropologist, made many discoveries. Alexandra Lowell made many advances and discovered that the station age was 200 000 yrs old, which mean that the T'Kon empire didn't end at the age of Makto. With the help of engineers managed to repair the station, adapting federation technology to the existing T'Kon technology that was working. A vast database was there for the right people to read. AA specialist Alexandra Lowell, who was chief Tactical security officer at the time also, wrote countless papers and articles, about the history, and culture. First major find, the T'Kon empire were in the middle of a war with the Iconian empire, further information also show that once those 2 were allies. The T'Kon empire had exactly 53 allies serving on board stations and ships, and 127 civilizations connected or associated like the Federation with similar laws.

T'Kon forcelance


T'Kon Station studied by Captain Alexandra Lowell

  She also discovered that the station seem to be connected to other stations or base in some way, but she never figured out how.

Second major find, the computer system of the station is lead by a holography representation, a guardian. Crew can give orders to it and they are followed. The entire station is equipped for the hologram to go everywhere and be solid if necessary. With him, she upgraded the security standard of the station, of her security people, and learn fight technics, the weapons was a forcelance. It's a compact weapons, about a feet long which an individual can activate it and elongate it to make a staff 6 feet long, one end is bladed, reminding in the style of the Klingon blades, and the other end a stunner. Captain Alexandra Lowell became an expert in using this weapon. Quote : “It's a sleek and elegant weapon.” The rest of the information was lost during the Alliance war.    After a last check of the station, she left it, like ordered, to the care of a Archeologist/Anthropologist team to which she gave a copy of her research notes.