Chapter 1

At the edge of the Pawnee River, in a house styled like a log house in Switzerland, a phone rang non stop and it was a bit pass one o'clock in the morning at this 15 July. A man toss in his bed, praying that who ever it was would stop making that phone ring. Between 15 to 20 rings, he lost count, he sat on the bed and pick up the phone. His name, Dorian Harnwell, profession, detective novel writer. He as dark brown hair cut short, deep green eyes, tall and a physic that made him in college a good football player.

"Who it is at this time of night?" He said angrily on the phone.

"I'm sorry Dorian it's Bill. I just have to inform you about something."

"Couldn't this wait for the morning? Do you know what time is it? IT'S ONE AM." He said dryly.

"I know... But it's about your contract. They are not happy about the new number you have asked."

"It's not a question of happiness... I work hard and they take my money... I have a right Bill." Dorian got up and pace in the room with the cordless phone. "I have plans of my own and I'm not going to back down."

"They want a guaranty Dorian and I think you should come to New York."

"I have practically finish the fifth book for this year!"

"I told them but... I got an idea, bring it... Finish it on the plane or here. It would reassure them."

"You really want me to come... and you..."

Dorian instead of speaking with anger put down the phone harshly to the receiver. He pace furiously, no doubt about it, he had to go and he was now thinking to change agent to promote his books. Obviously, Bill had no back bone and had change recently. As for his plan, a possible movie contract for one of his previous book, maybe even a TV series. He certainly didn't want to deal with the mess of paper work this could produce. He nodded, yes, a change was called for.

Quickly he got dress, took the suit he had dry cleaned a week ago and put it in a special suitcase. He took another hand bag and put a change of ordinary clothing and his lap top computer. He searched nervously for his passport, when he did he rush to the door taking his car keys from a table at the entrance.

"God I really hate this!" He said out load.

Dorian opened the door of his Jeep Cherokee and through at the back seat his bags. He slammed the door shut not caring if people would hear him, actually that wouldn't be the case since his closest neighbors was about a kilometer away. He started the engine, put it in first gear and pushed the accelerator to the floor. He took the road with his mind on fire more decided then ever to change a few things in his life.

He had about an hour's distance on the road to reach the airport, then rain started and pour down heavily. It made Dorian angrier as he grabs his cellphone from his coat pocket. He didn't let the person on the other end of the line start talking.

"An information... At what time is the flit for New York?"

The woman on the other end was typing and answered. "At five thirty!"

"I would like to reserve a seat!"

A sudden bump lifted the car ever so slightly. Dorian checks his rear view mirror, there was nothing on the road he relaxes thinking he didn't hit anyone or anything.

"What do you want Sir?"

"I'm sorry... I want to reserve a seat to your New York flit of five-thirty!"

"We have a few seats available... To what name?"

"Dorian Harnwell, I have an account with you... I paid it last month."

"Yes found it. I will reserve you a seat and please don't forget to get your ticket at the front..."

Suddenly Dorian realized he was going down the mount of the road, he puts on the breaks but nothing happen. He drops the phone beside him who was still on and the woman could hear.

"Oh God! I don't have breaks!"

Dorian zigzagged on the road escaped barely another lonely car rolling on the road to. He was going faster and faster ans he went down another mount. He had to stop and he couldn't control it. He took the car keys out of the ignition and turns to go on the shoulder made of gravel. It did slow him down but not enough. Then the jeep went outside the road and started to rock right and left. Dorian couldn't see where he was going, just the speedometer marking 45 kilometers and hours now. For just a moment of clarity a tree was in front, no time to turn the wheel and the jeep hit it full force.

The occupants of a house near bye heard the incredible noise of the crash. Dorian look at the old man that was looking at him the jeep. He slowly lifted his hand and touch his face, there was blood.

“Don't worry, we will help you!” He look at the entrance of his house and said. “Jenny, call the ambulance quick.”

It wasn't an ambulance truck that came but an helicopter. The medics stabilized and immobilized Dorian but he was barely aware of what was going on now. It took 10 minutes for the helicopter to get on the site of the accident and another 10 to get him to the Pawnee Municipal hospital.

They rushed through emergency, the doctor did everything he could think of to try waking up Dorian but so far nothing. He was in a coma and now started the waiting game.

“The neurologist is coming doctor.” Said the nurse hanging up the phone.

“Alright, we can't do anything much then have his fractures plastered, also notify is family. Please hurry up the phone calls!” he said that without realizing that the nurse wanted to add something else.

“I've done those five minutes ago doctor! Also the 2 cops have left.”

“In that case, let's transfer him to intensive care unit at once. And see about the neurologist for him.”

“Yes doctor!”

Chapter 2