NCC - 127901-C

Deck 1: Captain's Ready Room, Conference Room, Emergency Escape Pods, ExO's Office, Main Bridge, Mission Operations Center.Edit
Deck 2: Banquet Room, Emergency Escape Pods, Food Preparation, Officers' Mess, VIP Quarters.Edit
Deck 3: Impulse Propulsion System, Primary Life Support Control, Senior Officer's Quarters.Edit
Deck 4: Armory, Atmospheric Reprocessing Control, Emergency Batteries, Emergency Escape Pods, EPS Power Taps, Gravity Generators, Inertial Damping Control, Life Support Systems, Mess Hall, Structural Integrity Field Generators, Waste Extraction.Edit
Deck 5: Aft Quantum Torpedo Launcher, Auxiliary Computer Core Access, Emergency Escape Pods, Environmental System Control, Junior Officer's Quarters, Primary ODN Trunks, Quantum Torpedo Storage Magazine.Edit
Deck 6: Chief Medical Officer's Office, Consumables Storage Area, Containment Field Generator Control, Counselor's Office, Crew Lounge, Crew Quarters, Dental Office, Duty Nurses Office, Environmental Processor Nodes, Intensive Care, Medical Lab, Medical Supply Storage, Post Operative Ward, Primary Sickbay, Raw Matter Storage Tanks, Recycling Center, Surgical Bay, Water/Air Purification Control.Edit
Deck 7: Auxiliary Bridge A, Chapel, Crew Lounge, Crew Quarters, Education Center, Gymnasium, Personal Holodecks.Edit
Deck 8: Archeology Lab, Astrometrics Lab, Biochemical Lab, Biology Lab, Botany Lab, Chemistry Lab, Chief Science Officer's Office, Computer Science Lab, Cosmology Lab, Exobiology Lab, Exosociology Lab, Geology Lab, Geophyics Lab, Hydroponics Labs, High Energy Lab, Physics Lab, Science Center, Science Lab, Secondary Security Center, Special Studies Lab, Upper Phaser Array, Xenobiology Lab.Edit
Deck 9: Atmospheric Reprocessing Control, Computer Core Access, Emergency Batteries, Emergency Escape Pods, EPS Power Taps, Gravity Generators, Inertial Damping Control, Life Support Systems, Structural Integrity Field Generators.Edit
Deck 10: Emergency Escape Pods, EPS Power Distribution Center, EPS Support Control, Fire Suppression Control, Main Holodecks (upper), Personnel Transporters, Stellar Cartography (upper).Edit
Deck 11: Communications Array Control, Main Holodecks (lower), Main Shuttle Bay (upper), Maintenance Shops, Phaser Control, Stellar Cartography (lower), Upper Midship Phaser Array, Upper Vessel Toroid.Edit
Deck 12: Arboretum, Brig, Docking Ports, Lower Midship Phaser Array, Lower Phaser Array, Lower Vessel Toroid, Main Shuttle Bay (lower), Primary Security Center, RCS Thrusters, Security Officer's Office, Shuttle Flight Control.Edit
Deck 13: Crew Lounge, Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Personal Holodecks, Port Rear Quarter Phaser Array, Starboard Rear Quarter Phaser Array.Edit
Deck 14: Aft Phaser Array, Docking Ports, EPS Power Taps, EVA Lockers, Gravity Generators, Life Support Systems, Quantum Torpedo Storage Magazine, Shuttle Hangar, Shuttlecraft Maintenance Center, Structural Integrity Field Generators, Upper Quantum Torpedo Launchers.Edit
Deck 15: Auxiliary Bridge BAtmospheric Reprocessing Control, Cargo Bay, Cargo Transporters, Emergency Batteries, Inertial Damping Control.Edit
Deck 16: Consumables Storage Area, Containment Field Generator Control, Deuterium Fuel Storage, Deuterium Load Ports, Engineering Supply Storage, Environmental Processor Nodes, Main Engineering (upper), Raw Matter Storage Tanks, Recycling Center, Water/Air Purification Control.Edit
Deck 17: Chief Engineering Officer's Office, Deflector Control, Emergency Escape Pods, Engineering Lab, Main Engineering (lower), Matter Injectors, Matter/Antimatter Reaction Chamber.Edit
Deck 18: Atmospheric Reprocessing Control, Environmental Control, EPS Power Taps, Inertial Damping Control, Structural Integrity Field Generators.Edit
Deck 19: Emergency Batteries, Emergency Escape Pods, Fighter Bay (upper), Fighter Maintenance Shops, Gravity Generators, Life Support Systems, Waste Extraction.Edit
Deck 20: Emergency Triage Ward, EVA Lockers, Fighter Bay (lower), Personnel Transporters, Secondary Sickbay.Edit
Deck 21: Antimatter Generation, Lower Forward Quantum Torpedo Launcher, Quantum Torpedo Storage Magazine, Secondary Life Support Control, Structural Integrity Field Control.Edit
Deck 22: Antimatter Containment, Antimatter Loading Ports, Ventral Phaser Array, Warp Coil Ejection Hatch.Edit

Prometheus Split


Prometheus Diagram

Class: PrometheusType: Tactical CruiserLength: 572 metersBeam: 244 metersDraft: 94 metersDecks: 22

For multi-vector assault mode, the ship separate in three parts.  Auxiliary bridges are located on Deck 5 and Deck 15.  The ship separates after a 10 second warning, going to blue alert before separation.


Total crew: 350

Last refit  :

-Stardate 2477


Transwarp Propulsion System (WPS):- Type: Mark 2A Prototype Durellium-enhanced Cochrane Drive.

Impulse Propulsion System (IPS):- Type: Type X Hyper Impulse Drive.

Warp Speeds:- Standard Cruise Speed: Warp 7.0- Maximum Cruise Speed: Warp 9.999975- Maximum Sustainable Speed: Warp 9.99999968 (18 hrs)- Maximum Emergency Speed: Warp 9.999999998 (12 hrs)


Phaser Systems:- Type: Mark XII- Total: 12 banks- Maximum Effective Range: 500,000 km

Plasma Cannon System:- Type: Mark III Point Defense Emplacements- Total: 12 Turrets- Maximum Effective Range: 500 km

Quantum Torpedo Systems:- Type: Mark XI Seeking/Direct- Total: 4 tubes - 2 fore, 2 aft- Maximum Effective Range: 4,700,000 km

Deflector Shield System:- Type: Mark X Multiphasic Shielding (Nested)Enhancements:

Cloaking device

-Type : Gene5- Mark Ii Ablative Armor Units

Bio-Regenerative Hull Matrix:- Type: Mark IV


Transporters:- Personnel Transporters: 5- Emergency Transporters: 4- Cargo Transporters: 4

Holodecks:- Main: 2- Personal: 12

Computers:- Main Processors:* Type: Mark XV- Total: 3- Dedicated Sub-Processors:* Type: Mark X- Total: 4* Primary Sickbay* Primary Detention Center* Mission Operations Center* Main Engineering

Shuttle Bay:- Primary Hull: 1 (aft)

Fighter Bay:- Secondary Hull: 1 (aft)

Embarked Craft:- Euphrates-class Runabouts: 2- Type 23 Escape pods: 66- Type 11 Personnel Shuttle: 3- Type 9a Cargo Shuttles: 1- Arquebus Fighters: 4