GENDER : Female
AGE : Unknown
RACE : El-Aurian
STATUS : Active
ASSIGNMENT : Starbase Athena

After the relocation to the new area of the 9th fleet, the Intelligence Division immediately began to operate, to gather intelligence on the new area of space that they found themselves in.It isn't an easy task since the Intelligence Division was in disarray. Of the thousand of people forming the SFI division, only a handful, about 30, survived from the Alliance War. There is 12 SFI agent spread in the fleet right now.

Commodore Gidéon was granted command of the Intelligence Division 10 yrs ago and since then operations have grown and has the fleet begins to expands so does the danger they encounter.

Inside is a template of this intelligence reports that are provided and an example of the duties and links that the intelligence hold.

To : Commodore Katherine Daniels

From : Captain John Wilson

Subject : Report on SFI organization within squadron

We represent the highest-ranking representatives of Starfleet Intelligence within this squadron and consequently are logically those who should seek any alteration to its structure.  As logically anticipated our recently separation from SFI command has terminated all links with the command structure, which under normal conditions is used to validate our actions and administrate all Intelligence operations thus ensuring efficiency and the highest probability of success.  In order to remain functional it is logically necessary therefore to replace this command structure with an independent internal administrative structure so as to ensure that intelligence operations within this fleet do not suffer thereby reducing our ability to operate effectively both externally and, with greater significance during these initial strategic preparations, internal affairs.

I therefore make the following recommendations for implementation as soon as practically possible;

Amendment of the constitutional documents of Starfleet Intelligence and Starfleet Intelligence Internal Security as follows;

·  All references to the President of the Council of the United Federation of Planets are to be amended to the Commander in Chief of 9th Squadron.

·  All references to the Council of the United Federation of Planets are to be amended to the Command Council of 9th Squadron; with the exception of s1 of each Act regarding the inaugural establishment of Starfleet Intelligence and consequently the source of SFI’s authority and legitimacy.

·  All references to the Commander in Chief of Starfleet are to be amended to Commander Strategic Operations of 9th Squadron.

·  The SFI Commissioner and Internal Affairs Commissioner are to be replaced by JAG personnel from within the Squadron or alternatively abolished for the present time.

·  The Appointment of a Director of SFI, SFI Director of Operations, SFI Director of Intelligence and Director-General of SFI Internal Security from within the Intelligence Personnel of the Squadron. 

Minimal alteration, if any, is required with regard to the functions of SFI as these provisions require that Federation Security be protected and consequently would apply to the actions of those currently apposed to the foundation principles of the United Federation of Planets. |}

SFI Diagram and Description


The department chief is responsible of the safe future of the Fleet. He or she as direct communication with the Head of the Federation or any Fleet Admiral. He or She as the responsibility of those 4 departments.

SFI Director of Operations

This department make sure all the information send by the fields agents are catalogued and send to all the department directors and Head of SFI. This department his responsible and right hand to the Head of SFI need to make sure everything run smoothly between the departments.

SFI Director of Intelligence

Department responsible for the field agents and contacts with them. In the middle of mission there is often no official reports, just messages and notes. They are also responsible for the formation of new field agents.

Director General of SFI Internal Security

This department is cut in two. One part of this department is for addition field agents training, for specific and dangerous missions. They learn in more dept to resist to drugs, tortures and psychological probing. The Second part, they analyse information gathered by the field agent for the possible threats, and infiltration as much by enemies then internal.

SFI Director Commissioner

The Department is lead by the highess members of the JAG, who also work with the Fleet. They make sure that the Federation laws and directives, preserve Sentient Aliens Law, First contact rules and possible first contacts etc, are respected and applied.

Intelligence – Operation “Storm”

Mission objective :

Gather information about the Gizor movement and knowledge. Discover any threat hidden to us by them, possible emergence of the Unknown species.

Long range sensor information :

The neutral zone between the Gizor empire and the Federation are patroled by ships, long rang sensors from the Gizor has been detected to discover our movement. We are returning the favor. Covert operations are being prepared for infiltration.

Intelligence – Operation “Worm”

Mission objective :

Discover the last cells of the Brotherhood. See if there is further threat from them.

Program :

Internal research amoung the crews of the ships of the fleet leaded by SFI agents. Research about the Captain's background, possible betrayal from high ranking officer before putting this one in confidence of the search and results. This depends on the crew size of a ship. Infiltration of population of Terra Nova, sector by sector, to gather intelligence and observation.

First objective : Clear Starbase Athena and SFI of the Brotherhood.

Second objective : Clear all flag ships of the Brotherhood.

Third objective : Clear all the other ships.

Fourth objective : Search for pre-warp civilisation for Brotherhood infiltration and make sure that the Gheik incident don't happen to others.

Report  : First and second objective are in the works. From all intelligence gathered, 13 people have been arrested.

Intelligence – Operation “Aquarius”

Mission objective :

Gather information in the new sector of space and the possible threats or allies to be found. Locate possible dilithium and metals deposites.

Long range sensor information :

Considering that we are in the deep delta quadrant we have the possibility of Borg threats but so far, no sign of them. There is also the civilisation known as Gizor. Their weaponnery and ships are slightly superior to our own but experience migh lack in their officers rank. Need more information about them. Additional, sensors operational capacity at 100 percent, no atmospheric or spacial problems at first analysis. Further and deeper analysis are underway.

Possible encounters and future studies :

G'opia – prewarp society, prime directive applies.

Pkoel – prewarp society, prime directive applies. Studies as shown that they are close create warp technology.

Gheik – prewarp society, prime directive applies. Recent dealing with them show that they are very close to achieve warp power. We are keeping contact with them since the Brotherhood already poluted them, to repair what was done.