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Please, read this through, I know there's a lot but those rules are very basic. It's very easy to follow, many other games have the same basic guidelines, just to keep the writing uniform.

Rules Edit

  • Marines and Fighter officer are SPC (Second Primary Character) for any players.  You start as Ensign in any of the departments listed in the Application form.  Later, once you got use to everyone, you can have a secondary character as Marine or Fighter squadron if you want.
  • No extreme profanity. It's understandable that someone can be angry, but eventually you move on.
  • No sexually explicit writing on dialogs, but romance is always welcome.
  • Do not kill another person's character.
  • Insubordination is unacceptable from who ever it is and it will be dealt with quickly.
  • Do not use the list other then for game purpose only.
  • Aliens of this kind are unacceptable: Borg (but it depends), Changelling, Q.... basically no character with super, super, super powers.

Post Guidelines Edit


Everything in the game are written in the 3rd person. Like you are describing the action of someone else. Here is an example.

  • Correct : Thalia was cut from everyone and danger was coming quickly. She pulled the phaser riffle and took stand. She wasn't going to leave without giving them a good fight.
  • Incorrect : Thalia was cut from everyone and danger was coming quickly. She pulls the phaser rifle and take stand. She wasn't going to leave without giving them a good fight.


In the game we use certain symbols that relate to the character talk, thought, or action. Here they are.

“ Normal Speaking ” example : “Lieutenant, be careful now!”

=/\= Combadge =/\= Example : ''=/\=Ksour here... energize!''=/\=

~ Personal thoughts ~ Example : ~Wow... that is one beautiful ship.~

:/: Telepathic speech :\: example  : :/:Come on... it's just diner:\:

[ Computer speech ] example : [This file is unavailable]

=/= Marine and fighter inter-ship communication =\= Example : =/=Sir, the zone is in sight... weapons are lock.=\=


Those are very important. The header is the very start of the post and tells everything to the others.

-Mission log : The title of the mission.-Mission day : Sometimes action happens in 2 different days. Not practical but it happens.

-Post header:

USS Wolfheart – Bridge – CO Captain Ksour – 0915 It gives to the other players where your character is and the time. For this example. Captain Ksour is on the bridge at 0915 hrs

-Footer (Reply from : Carter) Where you put the character's name you want a reply from.(Posted by L...........) where you put your name... well you did wrote that post, it's your creation.


Time is set military style, it means 24 hrs time. It makes everything a lot more easier that way.

- 05:00 am would be 0500 hrs

- 03:00 pm would be 1500 hrs

A little trick when you post and are in the middle of a dialog with another character. Move the time a minute or so.


NRPG : Non Role Playing Game. It does happen that in the middle of a post, or beginning or ending that there is a note you need to put who is out of the game post you are writing, NRPG is what you put before you write that little message. After, you put this. RPG, Role Playing Game. And you continue to write your post.

Example of a post Edit

Mission log : No border for the lucky, Day 1

USS Wolfheart – Bridge – CO Captain Thalia Ksour – 0900

Thalia entered the bridge for the first time. The Wolfheart had been in refit so long that it look like new again. ~Humm, my first command and it's this ship... nice, very nice!~ She thought.

“Captain... you have 2 visitor that came from New Paris. I think it's your parents.” said the OPS officer with a corner smile.

“Thank you.” Thalia got up and made her way there. The door open in a nice nearly silence woush. Her mother and father were waiting patiently seated in front of her desk.

:/:Mother, Father... how are you?:\:

:/:We are the one who should ask that, but we are fine.:\: Said her mother with a smile.

:/:I told you she would arrive okay there.:\: Her parents were looking at each other but she was sharing their conversation.

:/:Honey... I knew she would. I knew that the Admiral was going to give you this ship... I could feel it.:\:

:/:I just wish that I could have spent some time with you but this ship is ready to go, and there is a tone of work for me to do.:\:

:/:I know Sweety... and we will not take your time any longer. Just send us a message once and a while, and I wanted to give you a kiss before leaving.:\: Thalia's mother came first and gave her a kiss on the cheeks and then her father with a big hug.

This one said. “We will miss you... So promise me you will be careful!”

“I promise!” She smiled. “You know I hate goodbyes, so the OPS officer will take you to your transport. I have to inspect Engineering,” She made a grimace and then tap her combadge. =/\=Ksour to OPS, I would like to see you right away.=/\=

(Reply from OPS)

In a few seconds, the OPS officer was there. “Take my parents back to their transport please.”

(Reply from OPS)

“Thank you!” She gave them a kiss again and then look at them leave. “Computer... Were is the CEO?”

[The CEO is in his officer Captain Ksour] said a masculine voice.

“Good! I guess it's time to go to work!”

(Reply from OPS, anyone)

(Posted by LD)

(Written by LD)