Planet : They live on a class M planet, the 3 in their solar system, and are neighbor of the Sork’s. The oceans covers 65%, and it have a big polar cap full south. Gravity is the same has Earth. The Rotation is 25.5 hours, the year is 378 days. Half of the planet land is heavily lived, the other zone savage and banded. Ecology of the land or ocean are normal despite that the Rakosians drove to extinction many species of their ecosystem.

Population : 3 430 910 000

Physical : Humanoid reptile bipedal, the male can go up to 7 feet and the female from 6 to 7 feet. Skin color are from green, blue and brown/black. Some reminiscence of their past still remain, has thick scales covers arms, legs and even more so their back and face.

History : Their past is fill with violence with a few period of peace. During the industrial age, around 3500 years ago, they manage to destroy nearly half of the ecology of the planet but in the end restored it. Space exploration started around 250 years, warp technology, stolen from the Sork’S, around 140 years. They are at war with the Sork’S for at least a century, ever since the Sork’Ssian refuse their admittance into their society.

Sociology : They are warrior, or at least are primitive in their behavior. In the other hand, they are intelligent, self preservation of their planet is a priority, cunning, opportunistic and more. Family unite exist, one male for several females, usually subservient but well taken care of. They believe that only the strongest must survive. Malformed, sick and old are euthanazied, now it is done cleanly.

They are mainly an industrial society, poverty exist even if everyone has a roof over their head. They are people of few words and also forbid any ship to cross their sectors and this without warning.