Q met by Capt. Alexandra Lowell



The Q are extra-dimensional entities with unlimited powers. On the Richter scale of cultural development, they rank as the highest known level of evolutionary development. A Q can assume any shape, any phenomena, and even manipulate the space/time continuum itself if he so desired. It is speculated that they can harness immense amounts of energy and manipulate them through thought alone. The Q originally existed in an extra-dimensional universe, known as the Q Continuum, but can switch between dimensions at will. Though a Q can live for eternity, he can also choose to end his existence by changing into a mortal form and taking his life. The Q are as close to immortality as anyone has seen. Society of The Q don't have any form of government so far as the Federation know, but they do have a system that imposes order and disciplines troublesome members by punishment. Every Q is called just that, "Q", but one entity in particular has made it a point to amuse himself with the Federation. This particular Q comes to mind most often. The Q don't intentionally inflict harm on other life, though they may interfere and become a major distraction. Their eternal lifespan probably is what instilled the Q with a quirky sense of humor and an unshakable sense of superiority.

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