The Gateway project in all simplicity is the creation of a artificial wormhole allowing the transportation of matter through the main apparatus to a selected location. In the first case it was used to transport the survivors of the Alliance. After 100 years the Gateway project has been restarted. It is the belief of command that it is the duty to reenter the Federation territory to reclaim the citizens and save them from the repressive regime.

Gateway conduit

To this end the Gateway project was restarted for the time when there would be enough ships to warrant a resurgence into the quadrant. At the current moment it is still experimental and due to resources it is projected at 2 years for primary construction to be completed.

The Gateway simply creates a opening to what has been referred to as Short Space. Relatively speaking this space is smaller than normal space and therefore ships and objected move at a faster rate than they would in real time. Thankfully the gravitational stress that is involved in such maneuvering have been overcome with new form of structural integrity fields. Unfortunately until the Gateway is constructed on the other side it is a one way ticket.

(Written by RB)