Orion female

Green skinned humanoid race from Rigel VII. Renowned merchants and members of the Federation, they maintained a black market in female slaves until a crackdown in the 2270's. The Orion black market was also known for Dilithium crystals and rare minerals raided from the Coridan system. This was stopped with Coridan's admission to the Federation in 2267. The Orion black market ceased to exist around 2280 with Federation interruption of all their goods. The Orions are also known for the Issik, a common currency that originated on Rigel VII. The fact that humanoid life could not arise anywhere in the Rigel system, the common belief is that the Orion race as we know it is a lost colony of another people, who terraformed Rigel VII and transplanted some animal and plant life. Orions were reported to have transported half the population of a village on BRINDA V to work as slave labor in mining camps, another example of a space-faring race -- like Cardassians -- who have relied on manual labor rather than technology for tasks considered menial.