Deck Plans – Starbase Draconia

The old Nor design of the starbase has been modified to suit Federation needs, unlike the previous attempt at this with Deep Space Nine the new technology has allowed a more rapid change over and a practical removal of majority of original Cardassian hard and soft ware. The stations primary purpose is to ensure the continuation of the Non Aggression pact with the Gizor and to allow easier trading and movement with ships in the area.

The Stations defensive systems have been massively updated and removed to ensure that the stations position on Gizor space is defensible. He Quantum torpedos and phaser strips have been placed on numerous places aboard the station to ensure easier protection.

Due to the stations position and the distance from Athena and standard fleet patrol routes two support craft have been assigned. One Defiant class vessel (USS Coldstone) for only station use and one Sovereign Class (USS Dauntless) to remain in the nearby area, but to run patrols in the surrounding area.

The Cardassian Ring design has produced some problems with such issues as fighter storage but they have now been overcome with the institution of new fighter launch systems and storage.

Technical Specifications

Station Specifications Edit

OVERALL STATIONStation Diameter - 772mDocking Pylons - 254mStation Height - 508mSecondary Arm - 44m

HABITAT RINGHeight - 21.12mWidth - 36m

MAIN COREOverall Height - 194mDiameter - 156m

PROMENADEHeight - 11mDiameter - 80mLower Level Circumreference - 251.2m

REACTOR COREHeight - 56mDiameter – 78m

SPECIFICATIONSExpected duration : 250 yrsTime between resupply : 20 yrsTime between refit : 10 yrsCategory : Outpost

COMPLEMENTCrew complement: 800-Officer Crew : 200-Enlisted Crew : 600Maximum Holding Compliment - 1300Maximum Emergency Life Support - 5000 (For 2 weeks)

POWERPLANT2x - MK XI Antimatter Injection Reactor. (Maximum output 25,000,000 TeraWatts)7x - MK VII Fusion Reactors. (Maximum output 5,000,000 TeraWatts per reactor)

PROPULSIONWarp Engines : noneImpulse Engines : 80 - IPS Stabilizing Engines

COMPUTER SYSTEMS2 main cores and 3 backup cores.Type: Bio/Neural Gel Packs, isolinear backup coresCrew Interface Software - LCARS 2.5Data Transfer Rate - 6,200 kiloquads/secondStorage Capacity - 2,175,000 kiloquads

WEAPONERY40x Type XII phaser arrays30x MKII phaser cannons20x Burst Fire photon torpedo tubes20x Quantum torpedo tubes

SHIELDSPrimary Shields : Mk XII Multi-phasing shieldsSecondary Shields : Standard Mk XI ShieldsTertiary Shields : Mk X ShieldsHull Armor : Mk VII Titanium composite (Standard Hull)

TRANSPORTER SYSTEMS10x Standard (8 Man)5x Combat (6 Man, high speed)2x Medical (4 Man)10x Small Cargo (12 Man Equivalent) *10x Large Cargo (30 Man Equivalent) *100x STS (Site To Site) transporters* Not rated for biological use

SENSOR SYSTEMSLong Range Sensors  : 25 Light Year Max RangeTakes 1 minute/per light year for intensive scanTakes 1 second/per light year for standard scanGeneral scan is almost instant up to maximum range

AUXILIARY CRAFTSType 9 - 10Runabout - 6Workbee/Work Craft - 50Escape Pods (20 man) - 1750

MISC SYSTEMS10x Cargo Bays1x Sickbays4x HolodecksHolo-emitters are currently placed in Medical, Promenade, OPS and Main Reactor


Side view/Top view


DECK ONE-Operations Module-Station Commanders Office-Security out post-Weapons storage – Small arms for emergencies-First Officers Office-Strategic Operations Area-Briefing room

DECK TWO-Upper Promenade-Viewing gallery-Security Outpost-Intelligence Office and walk in

DECK THREE-Lower Promenade – Shops, Bar, Replemat, Many civilian areas currently vacant-Holodecks x4-Medical Centre-Security Centre-Marine Commanding Officers Office-Science Lab One – CSO’s Office

DECK FOUR-Habitation

DECK FIVE-Habitation

DECK SIX-Habitation-Security check point

DECK SEVEN-No unauthorised personnel permitted beyond this point-Main Reactor-CEO’S Office-ACEO’s Office

DECK EIGHT-Main Reactor

DECK NINE-Main Reactor

DECK TEN-Main Reactor


-Deck 1Officers quartersVip Quarters

-Deck 2Enlisted Crew QuartersMarine Quarters

-Deck 3Enlisted Crew Quarters Continued

-Deck 4Enlisted Crew Quarters


-Marine Training Area-Marine staging


-Fighter bayShuttlebay 1 and 2


-Docking areas-Docking Clamps-Maintenance areas-Umbilical for support vessel-Security outpost

Written by : RB