Planet Mugoi

Their planet is only made of water and despite the inconvenience, they invented a lot of new technology, one of they was an underwater cities, capable of supporting the immense water pressure at the ocean floot. They also have develop surface and air born stations and later on space technology. The Mugoi are not indigenous life forms of the planet, they are fearful of stranger. Now, after a millennia of evolution and 300 yrs of space travel, they have five colonies, 2 space stations,and also an habitated moon. They found it more than a thousand years ago and as a twist to this, the center is habitable. The first time they explored it, they found it empty at the exception of 3 dead bodies. Their planet of origins was destroyed by a cataclysm, an asteroid that crash on their planet. Many of their friends, families and others have been sacrificed for them to live and there for life is very important to them.

Physical description, their skin is a blueish violet color, their blood is also blue. They have a small crest all across their faces, and ridges also, all across their faces as well. Their eyes are usually black or a dark blue. Females are usually a bit more rounded, and an Mugoiian is about 6 feet tall. The oldest individual is 167 yrs old.