This ship was used by the Klingon Defense Force, capable of both atmospheric entry and landing, as well as warp-speed interstellar travel. The B'rel-class ships had a complement of about a dozen officers and crew, the K'vort-class was able too have a larger crew, and came with a parascope that where link to phaser guns at the end of both sides of the ships wings. In 2293 an experimental uprated version of this ship was developed in an effort to allow the ship to fire while still under cloak. This prototype vessel was commanded by General Chang, who used it in his unsuccessful attempt to obstruct the Khitomer peace conference.

Type : Scout ship/Attack Frigate

Length : 109 meters

Width : 92 meters

Height : 20 meters

Number of decks : 5

Crew : 12 to 36

Maximum speed : Warp 9+

Armament : 2 type-6 pulse disruptor cannons; 2 photon torpedo launchers with 40 quantum torpedoes. One single emergency photon tube.

Defenses : Heavy duranium/tritanium double hull plus 5 cm high density armor. Deflector shields, phasing cloaking device

Cruise speed : warp 5

Maximum : Warp 8

Emergency warp : Warp 9.4 for 12 hrs.