Star Trek : After Earth Edit

AGE : 55
RACE : Bajoran
STATUS : Active
ASSIGNMENT : Starbase Athena

It's a free Play by Email (PbeM) game, set in the year 2477. Based on an alternate Star Trek Universe, where we used the movie Nemesis, as the turning point history of our game. We are a small group but with a lot of imagination, and a ton of ideas. If you are dreaming of becoming an officer in Starfleet, have fun and meet other people this is your chance and place to be. Here is a bit of Fleet history for you.

In 2379, Entreprise E falls in battle after facing a Romulan Warbird prototype. In the hour, Earth falls and for the 100 years that follows, other star systems falls to the same fate. The hidden cause for all this destruction is a new ALLIANCE FORCE, composed of Romulans, Breens, Dominians, and a Shadow group. The Federation is in chaos but a group of survivor, who call themselves the 9th fleet decides to plan an escape. The plan, escape the carnage, save their way of life by all cost, and so to rebuild the fleet.

In 2470, at the battle of New Heaven, they escape through the Gateway and they end up 30 000 light years from any known star systems in the Beta Quadrant. Now, 7 years later, between the struggle to survive and First Contacts, one goal, one dream survives, rebuilt the fleet, find allies and take back what's ours.


Stardate 2478.05.12 Captain Ksour charge the crew to help cure Captain Alexandra Lowell but that is when trouble starts with the presence of an unidentified ship. A few hours later, all hell breaks loose, the field produced by the alien ship creates heavy interference, enough so to provoke problems on the USS Liberator, ship that was suppose to find the Wolfheart and debrief Captain Alexandra Lowell and to cut the ship contact with Starbase Athena. Second problem, the Omega molecule alert as resonated on the bridge with a broken up communication from the USS Cochrane, Lowell' ship. Third problem, Captain Thalia Ksour, who is pregnant, now is in labor and decides because of all those problems cited before to put Lowell back in command. It's when she took charge and try to discover who was in command of that alien ship that the forth problem came... in the assassin named Mister Black .


The USS  Relentless is under repair after an attack.  Duration, 2 months taking the opportunity to better the Quantum Slipstream drive and the Phasing cloak.

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