Luxan Consortum The Luxan consortum is a warrior race, they are incredibly similar to the Klingon people in their culture and their customs. However the Luxans are more devoted to keeping the peace, they are at no point warmongering people. Historically they were designed to enforce the D’Rahg rule, the D’Rahg being a pacifist people required a enforcement species. To this end the Luxans proved a most capable people.

The Luxan military is one of the greatest and most powerful militaries and still acts as the D’Rahg protectors and guardians. Historically the Luxan species was almost wiped out in the Scaran wars. Until the D’Rahg species gave the Luxans advanced weapons to defend their planets. The Luxan peoples weapons have remained identical to the traditional weapon used 400 years ago in the Scaran war. That is a sword that can open up to act as a plasma rifle, they were the final and only weapons to survive the conflict. Endebted to the D’Rahg species they swore a blood oath.

Current Treaty Status - Member status to be approved

(Written by RB)