USS Wolfheart-A

Lieutenant Commander




AGE : 35 yrs old
GENDER : Female

BIRTHPLACE : within the fleet
SPECIES : Huma/El-Aurian
HEIGHT : 5 foot 5
WEIGHT : 135 lbs
SKIN COLOR : Caucasian, tanned


Regina, unlike her twin brother, has brown hair and brown eyes. She enjoys any physical activities that keeps her five foot five inch body in perfect condition. She weights all of one hundred thirty five curvy pounds.


Robin was born a few moments before Regina and thus he has been declared the oldest. They are basically twins, but, not identical, just paternal. Basically, being the second born she was left to her own devices as good old dad, Admiral Wilson, had no time for her. What little time he did have was spent mostly with Robin. Even though he had little time for her, she loved him dearly. She and Robin seemed to battle constantly as they both were competitive. When Robin got into trouble, it was Regina that usually was the

Admiral Robin Wilson

one that got into trouble over it. He seemed to always made it out that she had caused the problem. The Admiral's wife seemed always take Robins side in every instance. Dad had little time to bother with little things such because he had the fleet to run. Robin seemed to not like it that Dad had little time for him and had gotten angry every time Dad paid even a little attention to her.

At the age of five, Dad's wife died and Robin blamed dad for her death because he was never around. Regina understood why dad was away as much as he was because he had fleet business to accomplish, so, that more people than just Robin and Regina would have a place to call home. She had been considered smarter and had more common sense, than most kids of her age. Robin took out a lot of his frustrations about this father on Regima and she came to resent Robin for it.

Things changed for Regina and her brother, Robin at age nine when Commodore Gideon came onto the scene. Robin had grown very aggressive because of no female influence and the lack of fatherly influence. Commodore Gideon became the female role model for them both, but, she actually started teaching Robin about controlling his emotions and to rely on intelligence as opposed to rushing in. The one thing though is that she only taught Regina because she had to and also did not try to hide that fact. She also found out that Commodore Gideon was their actual mother and not their dad’s wife.

At the age of eighteen, As Robin became more tempered, Regina took his place. All the years of not having a parent that cared about what she did really took it’s toll on her. Robin had finally joined the fleet as he thought good ole dad would want of him. Commodore Gideon, good ole mum, helped him every way that she could. She helped him get into the first work experience training program that the fleet started. He had been able to go to each department to learn a little about each of them. It wasn’t until almost three more years before Regina could get an appointment into the program. She did not have the backing that her brother had. She had not wanted to garner the same reputation of her brother, so, she headed to be the best pilot that anyone could be. She also found that it was the only thing that was able to temper her somewhat. She was able to take a lot of her anger out on the things she and her machine shot at.

It almost devastated Regina when Admiral Wilson died, but, it seemed to have little effect on Robin. This tended to put even more of a strain on their relationship. She became even more unruly than ever mostly aimed at the Commodore and Robin.


The only education was given on the ship that she and Robin grew up on.Work experience training programLieutenant Jnr GradePromoted Lieutenant Snr GradeDemoted to Lieutenant Jnr Grade for insubordination and time in the brig.Re-promoted to Lieutenant Snr GradePlaced on leave Due to Admiral Wilson's deathPromoted to Lieutenant CommanderDemoted to Lieutenant Snr Grade for drunk and disorderly conduct and time in the brig.Re-promoted to Lieutenant CommanderPromoted to CommanderDemoted to Lieutenant Snr Grade for assault on a senior officer, drunk anddisorderly, conduct unbecoming, six months in the brig.Re-Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.Given Commodore’s commendation for heroic actions in battle.


During Regina’s growing up and during her time with the fleet, she had several scrapes, bruises, and broken bones, all healing properly. Most of the broken bones coming during fights while drunk rather than during battle. She has been counciled about her attitude by the counselors, but, for some reason it has not helped. She seems to have a rough attitude that is mainly focused toward Commodore Gideon and her brother, Robin


Regina is considered one of the best pilots in the fleet, but, she does not seem to take the compliment well. She exercises constantly doing martial arts and the punching bag to keep her body in shape.