Captain's log : Captain Thalia Ksour

Stardate : 2477.12.26


USS Wolfheart-A is send to a mission, I'm rather happy to be back on the big chair again. I just came back from a vacation on Terra Nova. Settled on a small island, small is relative, since it was about 2 kilometers in diameters and half tame wildlife. Nothing dangerous, that was assured and it was good to be by myself. Okay, the mission, we are sent on a search. The Iconian ship we had salvaged on a previous mission offered the scientist a multitude of surprises.

It would seem that the Iconians had a small but significant presence in this sector. Somak, our exobiologist, worked with the others on the Iconian ship, he made a lot of progres, and found out a few places to start the search. We will start with the planet that was baptized Palsius. We really don't know what we will find there... but I know this, it could be really, really dangerous and we are ready for it.

End Report