Captain's log : Captain Robin Wilson

Stardate : 2477.12.24 – 09:00


After the repairs on the Relentless following the battle with the Brotherhood I was glad to get to retake command aboard the Relentless. However as with all good things it did not last, the treaty with the Gizor is going ahead despite some opposition in the council over the terms of the treaty and the sudden change of heart of the Gizor race. My own thoughts on the matter echo this opinion however I'm once more a humble commanding officer and no longer a flag officer. The concerns of such matters can be dealt with by senior command, in the mean time the Relentless' mission is to carry personnel and surplices from Athena to Odysseus. Well on what should have been a routine transfer of personnel and materials to the new Starbase Odysseus it as so many other missions has gone wrong. A Q has arrived and has already begin to cause problems. The Q speaks of a treat in store for us and from the reactions of the crew I can tell they are already not keen on seeing what this treat is. Neither I'm to be honest but I will not let Q witness this weakness. At approximately 1130 after going to Red Alert Q appeared once more and on one click of his fingers my ship and my crew disappeared in a instant. I now find myself on a deserted island from what I can gather with my first officer Commander Madison Davis. Noting in my own personal logs I have to admit this environment is producing a increase on well less than professional feelings in both of us. If we don't find a way out of this beach soon I fear I might just give up and accept  Q's forcing of my retirement with Madison. Which after all would not be too bad if a bit unprofessional, my personal feelings are starting to take over and that much I cannot deny.  The thoughts about the Relentless crew and what is happening to them is slowly slipping away from my thoughts to be filled with those of my First officer. My desires about women have been well documented and hell I have to be honest Madison is one that I'm deeply attracted to, but with me comes a lot of baggage and a certain issue with a Captain and well the entire command of the fleet! This leaves me with several issues, How the hell do I get back to the Relentless, What has happened to my crew, Can I control myself and what the hell is the Q playing at.

Captain Robin Wilson USS Relentless Commanding.