Captain's log : Captain Thalia Ksour

Stardate : 2477.08.20


It was close, very close that me and all my crew perish because of one single individual marrow mind. The Brotherhood had an agent on board, more in particular in engineering. Vaughan, Perry and G'Kha were on the case but with the mission, it was difficult to do. Perry spotted him there, suspected still she couldn't do nothing. It was in the nick of time that I sensed the Brotherhood ship, we had time to fire and raised shields but inside the operative activated the device. The explosion created a warp core breath. Perry managed to arrest him and Stitch bought us time to evacuate, we could for the simple fact that our shuts disabled the enemy ship. My orders, the crew had to go to the planet, I didn't want to give that ship multiple little targets.

We didn't have a choice, I was pretty sure that the crew would find safety. I took the ship out of orbite to prevent any radioactivity fall out on the planet. We were out when we got rescued, just in time by the USS Victorious. They welcomed us on board and also my crew with the away team. Even if there wasn't any deaths, we still mourn a great ship. I hope another replaces it by name.

End Report