Captain's log : Captain Robin Wilson

Stardate : 2477.07.10 – 09:00


Well once more the new federation has done one over us royally. We are being dispatched on the 80% completed prototype vessel the USS Relentless. If the vessel being 80% complete was not enough it is the fact that she is a prototype, a lot of the ships tactical systems are untested and the engines are the same using a new form of engine drive that in all reality I do not understand. Thankfully we have engineering and tactical specialists arriving on the ship to assist my senior staff in acclimatisation to the new ship.

On other issues our mission is still unclear exactly what our objectives are, Commodore Gideon has dispatched us with a half prepared experimental ship to investigate the location of a Gateway effect in the corresponding quadrant to our own. If it does happen to be a Gateway effect then it is a new threat from the Alliance that at the moment we have no manner in which to deal with it. Due to the one way travel of a gateway with out the corresponding gate on the other side our chance to strike back is nil and the hope of any scouts to return is also nil. However the threat of ships entering the heart of our territory for a one mission strike at our heart is high.

If it does happen to signal the existence of a Gateway constructed by the Alliance we are going to be in clear and present danger. Commodore Gideon has granted myself a lot of freedom in how I deal with any threats therefore after a discussion with my First Officer I have decided to attempt to take any scouts in tact and recover any information that might be contained in their ships logs. For now their comes the calm before the storm and a half a days journey to the quadrants of the detected effect. At the moment my crew is on edge not knowing the full details of events and I can do little to assist that since after the arrival of the mirror Yalta and Ryko I too im a little thrown off. My hope is that there is no gateway in the Alpha quadrant and that the discovered sensor effects are natural however things never go so easily.