Captain's log : Captain Ksour

Stardate : 2478.05.12

Status report. I'm right now on the Scorpion... Captain Drake's ship. I'm picking up some random thoughts about this ship. It almost feels worry. I'm having contraction every twenty five minutes. I've been set up in what I could see a sickbay, a bit alien looking. I'm comfortable, I'm not in pain since Yldarim put on a patch, I can feel them but the sting is out which I'm grateful.

What I'm more worried about is that I don't get any news. I know that we are safe and away from the dangerous sector and that ship. I feel the tension in the crew, a stronger link with what I presume to be the FO. He's calculating, thinking, he knows much more but blocks me out or the pain. I feel the baby and it's pretty distracting. Damn... I wish... he could be here. I want him to be here to see his daughter.

I hope I get news soon.

End Report

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