Captain's log : Captain Ksour
Stardate : 2478.05.12

Status report. Today we have received a distress signal from an alien ship only to have the surprise to see that it's captain was a humanoid. His alien ship is very fascinating, part machine part organic. Yes, you read it right, organic. I felt real thoughts, even, well... I would say emotions but I'm not sure.

This Captain is name Francis Drake. There's not much about him in our file, maybe once upon a time. He also wasn't alone and had story to tell. I will need from Starfleet further information about three individuals.

Captain Francis Drake, ship name "Scorpion"
Captain Alexandra Lowell
Commander Tahlmari (husband of Capt. Lowell)

I will wait till I have more about the situation. For now, I have informed Starfleet that we are escorting the vessel to Starbase Athena.

End Report