Captain's log : Captain Thalia Ksour

Stardate : 2477.12.28

Status report. I'm finally back on the ship, had a few medical report yesterday. A bit of dehydration, which was normal and also I was hungry. All normal considering how long I was down on Palsius.

I discovered a few interesting things. The Planet we are on, Terra Nova was a very long time ago, one of their new colonies and was flatten by an unknown force. Palsius was more lucky and mostly everyone escaped. The ones that stay was for all the others to leave safely. I know that theirs one gateway, but there is something else here on this planet.

Something else attracted our attention, an energy reading. After analysis and going toward it, we discovered that it was an old Iconian ship. Who have suffered a great deal of damages, it doesn't have a bridge, seem to have lost most of it's propulsion system, it's computer works on an automatic program that is recalling it back to the mother base... Palsius. But with no guidance I'm afraid that it will just crash. The most curious reading is of the possibility of lifesigns on board. Anyway, a tactical away team will be send to secure the ship, maybe try to stop it and see if there is any lifesigns.

End Report

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