Captain's log : Admiral Robin Wilson

Stardate : 2478.02.01 – 2215


It has been a hard couple of months, since Madison’s betrayal became public knowledge I have to say I have not been thinking exactly straight. She played me and all of my crew and attempted to betray us all. It failed and backfired, the Relentless is still standing and my crew is still there fighting strong. Her personal betrayal has cut me deeper than I would like to admit at the moment, for the sake of my crew I have to continue to be strong.

It was a good day today, Commander Wise an old friend was promoted to Captain. However with in 24 hours she was transferred back to command for reasons I personally don’t understand. This is annoying to say the least however no doubt the Fleet Admiral is acting to some greater guide in mind. I myself have been promoted un-expectantly to Fleet First officer with a rank promotion to Admiral. After catching up with Commodore Blackford he divulged that the council had been seeking a Fleet First officer in case that anything was to happen to the Fleet Admiral. However the reason they selected me I still do not understand but hope to find out soon.

My return to the Relentless feels somewhat bitter sweet, I’m once more replacing a friend in command of this vessel and over the last couple of turbulent months the Relentless has had four commanding officers and now I’m the fifth once more. Its circular I suppose but I hope I’m not the last. Whilst in Command Captain Wise has made some interesting changes. Dr McNinja has been promoted to second officer and Captain of Marines Jarron has been promoted to Third Officer. These promotions will continue to stand since I feel it will improve the capability of the Relentless command crew and the crew at large.

Our mission we are about to undertake is one that I know will be a hard one and test this crew as they have been tested many times before. We are to investigate a missing Klingon scout vessel that is now two weeks with out contact and has strayed far beyond our fleet’s ability to scan. I’m to take this ship and her crew into an unknown situation to locate the ship and her crew and discover what has happened to them. We will be entering an area previously under entered by our new fleet and I have to admit even I’m a bit weary about this. However the Relentless is a strong ship and her crew has been tested and proved their worth several times over I feel confident that it is my crew and the Relentless that will be undertaking this mission. I wouldn’t mind several ships coming along though but with the enforcement of the Gizor treaty it is no doubt a small mission in the grand scheme of things but for us this is an important mission and one that will test us all.

Admiral Robin Wilson USS Relentless