Fleet Admiral log : Fleet Commander Aden Iskra

Stardate : 2478.02.02 – 0900


Just got up after a long day yesterday. I did something that could be considered bold. I promoted Captain Robin Wilson to rank of Admiral and FO of the fleet.

I know, I'm still young even if I am 55 yrs old, it was my birthday the day before yesterday. I realized how much work all this is and with those activities around us, I need more people to have this fleet remain on the right track.

I also realized yesterday that I need him in the field, so I'm making him go back to the Relentless and transfer Captain Wise, she has skills that will help clean up who ever is left of the Brotherhood in the station.

SFI send me a report this morning, they are at the 3rd stage of Operation Worm. There was a few arrest which remain quiet, and there are still some covert surveillance. Operation Storm is underway using the USS Liberator for small incursions. The SFI agents are testing the Romulan cloaking device and see if the Gizor ships detects them, so far it doesn't seem so. Operation Aquarius, the Gheik finaly achieved warp capability, the USS Lowell was there to be a witness for this event and celebrate with them this huge step. I want to be very careful in our dealings with them and I might send a science ship to their homeworld, their existence here is in question. How come humans are here? For now, I will let some more time pass, I want to built a relationship with them first.

Additional, the USS Liberator, and USS Churchill construction are over and done and are ready for some action.

For the ATMOS, the USS Regula will be assigned, and 3 Defiant class ship will be assigned to the Marines. All those ships will have the latest technology, in cloak and warp. The Fighter fleet is slowly coming together, I got a plan to have a special ship/plateform design to transport them. That one will not be easy.

End Report