Commodore's log : Commodore Clair Gideon

Stardate : 2477.02.14 – 09:00


Times are hard at the moment, we are hearing of a build up of Gizor forces on the edge of our space and after the encounter with the Wolfheart I'm not confident we will be able to hold this new tide coming towards us. Our latest allies the Eho have begun to enforce our flank with a series of their war ships however we are still bellow the levels we require to hold off this latest foe.

The problem that is worse is the simple fact that we still do not have an accurate scan of the Gizor ships. The sensor logs of the Wolfheart were heavily damaged and we are fortunate to have the ship back at all. However it does leave us with the problem that we have no accurate description of the ships. What intelligence resources we have I have tasked into discovering any information on the Gizor.

On a more pleasant note toady I get to grant the new commander of the Wolfheart her ship all repaired after 2 months worth of repairs. The newly promoted Commander and first officer of the Wolfheart is already becoming a headstrong man I do not envy the Captain with her new duties. However in other ways I do envy the fact that she is going to be on the frontier of activity. With the problems with the Gizor and these stories of an enemy worse than them we are going to need every alliance we can get. To that end a majority of ships are going to be dispatched with new orders to seek out new life forms and as long as they have warp bring them into the fold.

Kilohn explorers have given the intelligence services information on a series of confederations on the edge of our space. To that end I plan on dispatching a series of first contact vessels to go make contact with these confederations to the ends of reaching new alliances. This is going to be enhanced greatly by our new allies that are agreeing to come along as diplomats and liaisons. On top of that the entrance of a lot of them into the academy makes this originally cold part of space feel a lot more like home.