Where to start with the Klingon Empire, for one thing, not many thing as change, but let start with a bit of history. The Klingon nation, founded some 1500 yrs ago by Kahless the Unforgettable who first united the Klingon people by killing the tyrant Molor. The Klingon empire has had a colorful and violent history with many bloody conflicts has much internal them outside the Empire.

The first contact with Earth was around the 2151, when a Klingon courier name Klaang was hunted by a small group of Suliban soldier. After he killed his pursuers, he was shut by a local farmer motivated by fear. Captain Archer of the first warp powered ship name Enterprise made a decision, in controversy, to deliver this individual back to his homeworld, Qo'noS. After that, they met from time to time without getting much anywhere. The First official contact was in 2218 which led to nearly a century of hostilities between the 2 powers (Day of the Dove). From that point, til 2293, when an event changed everything. Praxis, moon orbiting Qo'noS exploded creating environmental and economical problems so major that it needed a real peace treaty between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. This was lead by Chancellor Gorkon, those creating the Khitomer accords. Because of the duration and pain this war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire was so long and bloody, trust was hard to set up. Officers exchange programs, and such help both of them to understand, learn and break the barriers right up to the new Alliance War.

When the Alliance emerged, the Klingon Empire Council lead by Chancellor Gorok knew that this wasn't an ordinary threat but when the Heart of the Federation was destroyed, they knew that they couldn't stay out of this any longer.





Chancellor Gorok also knew that it wouldn't be long before he would have visit from the Federation, and it was from Admiral Wilson that depicted the situation of the Federation and also the Empire since all indication pointed that they would be the next target of the Alliance. Gorok reflected and knew the logical conclusion was that this Admiral was right. In 2460, it was more then a Peace treaty that was sign but a partnership and in more ways then one written in blood and fire has the Klingon Empire was attacked by the Alliance. Many managed to leave and many were evacuated. All the available warriors were engaged in this fight. The war was hard and brutal, many Klingons died, and the Federation, once their old enemies they discovered in many of the Federation, a long lost brother. From the 8123, to now 8425 of Klingons, their cultures, history, rituals and customs were safeguarded for the most part. Established in an island near the major continent of the planet where the Fleet established themselves, they rebuilt the new Council starting from the central building housing the Council and the houses. This council was primarily made by 2 dozen members, now there is only 5 families originally was in that council that survived, others took the place to be now 10. Now, the new Klingon Empire is lead by Chancellor Galor, part of Terra Nova Council, there is a statue of Kahless near the entrance, many touch the chest of this statue for a sorta blessing. Among the traditions and beliefs that still exist are. See also Klingon Biology

The order of the Bat'leth

This elite group has a long tradition, and the Chancellor himself will oversee the inauguration ceremony which normally takes place in the Hall of Warriors at Ty'Gokor. This structure houses the bones of Klingon heroes and legends, honoring them with statues and stone tablets detailing their illustrious deeds. See also Klingon Blades

Klingon Death Ritual

A ceremony involving the death of a comrade. The fallen warrior's eyes were pried open and his comrades gathered around him. Then they "howl". This is a powerful howl that is not one of sorrow, but of victory for the fallen warrior. Klingons believe that the howl warns the dead that another Klingon warrior is about to arrive.

Rite of Succession

This is the process by which a new Klingon High Council leader is chosen. First the Sonchi was performed, next the Arbiter of Succession chooses the challengers for the position of Council Leader and then the two strongest challengers would fight for the position.

This one hasn't been in use since a century now.


Mythological place of Klingon afterlife. It is believed that a Klingon who dies honorably will across the River of Blood to enter Sto-Vo-Kor

Age of Ascension

This ritual, also known as the Klingon Rite of Passage, marks the attainment of a new level of spirituality for a Klingon warrior. First the ascendee proclaims "DaHjaj SuvwI'e' jiH. tIgwIj Sa'angNIS. Iw bIQtIq jIjaH." - Today I am a Warrior. I must show you my heart. I travel the river of blood. Then the ascendee walks between two rows of warriors who subject him or her to painsticks. The ascendee is expected to express his or her most profound feelings while under this extreme duress. The ceremony can be repeated as the warrior grows in maturity. Worf repeated the ceremony as a celebration of the ten year anniversary of his Age of Ascension.

Blood Oath

It is swearing to fullfil an oath . It is very sacred and nothing can't stop a Klingon in a quest of this sort.


The R'uustai is a ceremony in which two individuals bond together to become brothers or sisters. It is a solemn ceremony which includes the lighting of ceremonial candles, the wearing of warrior's sashes and intonations honoring the individual's mothers.

Klingon Mating customs

a) Selection and commitment to a mateThe words "jIH dok" (my blood) are spoken to one's mate and the mate replies "maj dok" (our blood). This exchange seals a marriage vow.

b) Tlinghan jIHThese words complete the oath between husband and wife during their marriage ceremony. It translates as " I am a Klingon".

c) jinaqThis is a traditional amulet studded with jewels that is given to a Klingon daughter when she is old enough to take a mate.

Mauk-To 'Vor

Ritual killing of an individual so that his honor can be restored.

This one hasn't been used since a century now.

Rite of MajQa

This rite is similar to practices of Terran primitive cultures in which an individual is subjected to either drug or extreme hardship to induce visions. In the Rite of MajQa, the Klingon meditates in the lava caves of No' Mat. The long exposure to the heat produces a hallucinatory effect. The visions seen by the individual are considered very important. Special significance is attached to any visions of one's father.

A small group still practice this, hoping to have signs from Kahless.

Tea Ceremony

This is a ceremony to test one's bravery. In this ritual, two friends share poisoned tea served on a tray decorated with simple flowers. This ceremony gives the friends a chance to share each other's mortality and to remind them that death is an experience best shared - like the tea.

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