The Hynerian Empire The Exact size of the Hynerian empire is at the moment estimated at 20 worlds each with a population averaging at 1 billion. They are a imposing force to say the least with the Hynerian Royal Fleet exceeding that of the 9th fleet. First contact with the Hynerian people was a great success, the Hynerian’s still have a monarchical society whereby the Dominar rules over the entire Empire and the current ruling house is the House of Rygel. The Dominar’s rule over the empire with a great success proving to be incredibly skilled negotiators and traders. On first contact the Hynerian empire opened up trade routes and created a excess in previous shortages in the Fleet.

The Hynerian race as a whole consists of two classes, one being the ruling aristocracy which all as a whole are about 2 foot tall. These are more prone to intellectual advancement and negotiation. To this end their bodies are quite short and unimposing, they travel on a form of floating throne and as a whole do not do any real involved work or anything particularly taxing. Choosing instead to indulge themselves on fine food and wines. They count material possessions above all else and are known to sell their own young to acquire more wealth.

The Second class in Hynerian culture is the working class, these are standard humanoids that themselves appear pretty human in appearance and speech. They are not mistreated by the ruling class and actually worship the Royal family as a form of living deity. Despite Federation protestations with the treatment of such a underclass the Hynerian empire relies totally upon this working class and with out it the culture would fall apart.

Current treaty status - Trade routes established

- Non Aggression pact

- Mutual protection pact

(The pic is of the rulling class)

(Written by RB)