Gizor Ship

Race: Gizor Planet: Unknown

Encounter Details:

The soul encounter with the Gizor lead to battle in 2476 with the USS Wolfheart. From the brief communication they have blue skin with little horn like spikes. Communication is impossible since they are not willing to make the effort as we are.

More info, they are know to be warriors with skin of various shades of blue. Never saw the female of the species. Nothing is known about them. Further encounter is to be avoided at all cost.

Treaty Status: None

Intelligence Report:

From intelligence from discussions with the Thenisian peoples the Gizor are a race devoted to war and war alone. The race was known to have been the dominant force in this area of space until a new species arrived to lower them to the level they are now. This more dominant race has yet to be encountered nor have any other species been able to grant information besides one image from 1000 years previously

(Written by RB)

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