The Destruction of Enterprise E with all hands on board

– USS Enterprise E travels to Romulus under the banner of peace. A clone of Picard attempts to destroy the Enterprise. The Enterprise E falls in a battle with the new Romulan warbird, after the Enterprises destruction the Warbird uses the pulse on Earth Destroying all life.

- Federation fleet is mobilized on a war footing

- Federation Declares war on Romulan Star Empire, Romulan Senate dissolved by Praetor Cinzon.


– Romulan, Breen and Dominion Alliance is formed. The alliance is concluded and battle plans are drawn up for the invasion of the Federation and her allies.

- Federation fleet moves to Romulan border

- Spradic fighting along the border as Romulan forces run test attacks upon Federation battle lines

- Klingon Empire mounts assault on Romulus Klingon fleet is beaten back.

– One hundred Federation worlds all to the slaughter, Federation fleet ran too thin to defend the entire Federation. Federation worlds continue to fall to the Alliance.

- Vulcan is invaded by Alliance forces. After 2-month battle final Federation forces are beaten.

- POW’s are executed as example for the cost of disobedience

- Federation border fleet is heavily damaged

- Alliance forces take old neutral zone forces

- Dominion forces enter through wormhole and conquer Bajor


– Federation council pleads for peace, met by swift rejection.

- Dominion forces continue to push into Federation space

- Federation have emergency meeting on future of war

– Outcome is the fleet cannot succeed


– Federation offers unconditional surrender to protect the lives of its citizens. Treaty of Earth is drawn up where the Federation worlds are split between the three powers.

-Federation fleet is to be absorbed into the Alliance fleet. Mass disaffection over the treaty, Klingon Empire refuses to surrender.

- Two hundred worlds refuse to ratify alliance demands

– Admiral Forrester condemns the Treaty of Earth and leads the remaining Federation fleet into one final battle. All 200 ships are destroyed and POW’s scattered through out the Alliance.

- 200 ships are destroyed and POW’s scattered through out the Alliance

- Admiral Wilson escapes the battle with surviving ships


– Klingon High Council is destroyed in act of terrorism. House of Ju’da assumes control and draws up the surrender of the Klingon forces.

- Chancellor Gorok takes all loyal Klingons and escapes Klingon territory. Alliance claims defeat of the Rebel Klingon forces.

Klingon lines are crushed by the dual attack from Ju’da and Alliance forces


– Speculation of the survival of the 9th Fleet, rejected by Alliance high council. Praetor Chinzon of the Romulan Empire Dies in battle with Rogue Klingon forces

Klingon Vorcha warship

- Klingon forces join the 9th fleet


– Alliance celebrates its first decade in formation, Klingon home world of Kronos rebels against occupation. 100,000,00 Klingons killed.

- Klingon home world of Kronos rebels against occupation. 100,000,00 Klingons killed

- 9th fleet forms at outer laying Federation worlds to repair and rearm


– Further speculation of the survival of the 9th fleet after a series of raids in the Alpha quadrant.

Alliance creates special directorate to locate any Federation vessels still operational and running


– Alliance begin search for spies with in the Empire, 100,000 executed as spies.


– 9th Fleet attacks POW camp; aged Federation ships manage to escape with majority of mixed races including some of the ex-Federation greatest scientists.


– 9th Fleet begins secrete construction of the Gateway.

- The Articles of the New Federation Klingon Alliance are drawn up. Chancellor Gorok and Admiral Wilson sign as the representatives of each faction. The articles state in paragraph one ‘To reclaim the Alpha quadrant for all species,’ as the primary goal of the new Federation.


– New Federation Forces come under assault; meeting of the Military council is called.

- Council decides on relocation for the forces until a time where it is more possible to defeat the alliance forces.

- 9th Fleet strength 100 mixed ships from Klingon, Federation, Vulcan, Bajorian, Cardassian and other race forces



– The Gateway is dicovered and science team under Dr Durant begins to reserach. 

- High Council of the New Federation Forces agree on deadline and begin assembling forces and resources for the transport


– Gateway is programmed for usage

- Series of raids through out Alliance territory occur. Refuges from Federation and Klingon Worlds begin making their way to the New Federation.

- Captain Michael Martin defects from the 9th Fleet to the Alliance


– Alliance using intelligence from the traitor locates the remaining forces of the 9th fleet.

– Battle Of Gateway occurs, Reminisce of the 9th Fleet engage the Alliance to buy civilians time to enter the Gateway. The reminisce of the fleet break though the gateway followed by its destruction.

- 26 Ships survive the Battle of New Haven; ships that made it through the Gateway discover new area of space. After analysis deemed to be 30,000 light years from any known point.

Terra Nova

- M class planet located, reminisce of the 9th fleet begin construction of the space station to act as command headquarters.


– Starbase Athena is completed.

- Civilian forces begin colonization of the planet bellow the Starbase.


– First ship is produced from the Shipyards; USS Hope is produced and crewed by a joint crew.

- Klingon ships adopt USS into registry system.

- All ships begin to be outfitted with Cloaking devices, resources allowing.

- Captain Claire Gideon is promoted to Commodore and placed in Command of Athena station.


- Thenisiam people are encountered, negotiations occur and trade routes are established.

- Alliance attempts to recreate the Gateway program. Rebel forces sabotage the project, 4 Alliance worlds claim independence.

- In retribution Alliance declares the indefinite continuation of Marshal law.

- Joseph Blackford elected to the senate of the New Federation


USS Wolfheart

- D’Rahg People encountered, after observations for 1 year the people achieve warp flight. First Contact is authorized and the D’Rahg become first people to enter the Federation in 90 years.

- Admiral Wilson dies of natural causes

- Admiral Aden Iskra is promoted to Fleet Admiral

- Construction begins on new Relentless class vessel under observation of Commander A Watson


- USS Wolfheart encounters Gizor, ship comes under assault and Commanding Officer is killed in battle. Ship makes it back to Federation territory under Command of 2O/TAC/SC Lieutenant Commander Adrian Quinn. USS Wolfheart’s crew is placed on shore leave as ship begins repairs.


- USS Wolfheart is re-launched under the command of Captain Thalia Ksour Commander Quinn is placed as First Officer. Fleet extends to include 20 ships in total.

- USS Relentless is Launched under the command of Captain Robin Wilson

- During Relentless’ first mission they make contact and engage Alliance forces that have came into the 9th fleets area

- Brotherhood forces make contact with Cardassian station brought to this area by a unknown forces

- USS Wolfheart encounters a area of null space with a collection of Federation and various other races

- USS Relentless is placed under the command of Captain Devilla – Robin Wilson is transferred to fleet command as acting Rear Admiral of strategic operations for the fleet

- Brotherhood make a political statement about the infection of alien species

- USS Relentless hosts intense negotiations with twenty three species

Starbase Odysseus

- Brotherhood operatives attack the treaty negotiations resulting in the destruction of the USS Wolfheart

USS Avenger is renamed the USS Wolfheart A – Brotherhood station is took over by Federation forces and renamed Starbase Odysseus


- Federation council approve a special investigation team to look into Brotherhood infiltration

- Vice Admiral Wilson Promoted to Fleet First Officer

- Commander Davis is promoted to Captain and dies during her first mission as CO 50 other people are killed including FO and head of intelligence

- Commander Wise is promoted to Captain and given command of USS Relentless but after reflextion, Fleet Admiral Iskra decided she would be more useful in the investigation against the Brotherhood.

-USS Wolfheart discovers an Iconian gateway. Fleet Admiral iskra decides to put it under the SFI protection. The plan, spy against the Alliance and ultimately cause confusion and distrust between the various parties. Details are waiting to be approved by the Federation council.

- USS Relentless laid up for repairs after encountering spacial annomaly - Admiral Wilson transfered to Starbase Athena

- USS Wolfheart recieves new crew Lt.Cmdr Ryan Stephenson TAC/SC, Doctor Valyn CMO

Writen by RB and LD

Updated : 2009-09-21