Fighter Insigna

The Fighter squadron was created for the purpose of attacking the enemy with multiple angles and also make it hard to target because of the speed and maneuverability of the Fighter ships. Created first in the basic design of the fighter planes of the 20th century, they got modified as ingenuity created new technology. These are the two types of Fighter ships that still exist. The Scorpion is mostly use by the Black squadron, and some head leaders in the squadrons. The Bull class is used by the rest.


Scorpion Class Bull Class

The Fighter squadron is for now in a number of 2. One is in the Odysseus station, and the other group will be settled in a Galaxy class starship that went through extensive modifications (USS Apache). The squadron are separated in a number of 5 and color coded with their nicknames : Yellow (Vegas), Green (Lucky Irish), Red (The Bulls), Purple (Barney), Black (Hawks).

Each group have their technicians and engineers. All new developments and knowledge are shared. Pilots receives a formation to take care of their fighters, they are responsible for it. They pass tests and learns sills for survival as much if they are stranded in deep space then on a remote planet. The essential lesson is to learn about their capacity, and the equipment, technology they have at their disposal.


The Fighter suit example, on the left female and right a male suit, are presented and made of intelligent alloy composite and highly resistant as much for survival for space, and radiations then on the ground. Each suit is unique and is molded to fit it's owner like a glove.

A head set appears to construct itself over the head of the fighter pilot, the picture is unavailable since it's classified information. All the systems are voiced commands, with only a few by touch.

The suit will only obey the voice owner unless a code is given in case of emergency, if the pilot is unconscious for example and needs medical attention.