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Department responsible for the coordination of the various departments functions aboard a ship. Every small system failure is listed and the Chief OPS priorities the repairs of them. In critical situation, OPS receives all the Departments reports and status. Communications and CONN falls on the responsibilities of the OPS Chief Department. Another title for the Chief OPS is Strategic operations officer.


Department responsible for the health of the crew. In the case of away missions, that transporter protocols and quarantine if necessary are strictly respected. The CMO as the obligation to report any type of aggressions caused from an officer to another and also if one of the crew doesn't respect the order the CMO gave him or her. The CMO is the only who could order the Captain to take a vacation and also with the First Officer and Chief Counselor agreement dismiss the Captain if he is judged mentally impaired.

Vocabulary : Alpha wave inducer, Autosuture, Biobed, Bioregenerative field, Blood gas infuser, Brain circuitry pattern, Cardiostimulator, Cortical stimulator, Drechtal beams, Emergency medical hologram, Exoscalpel, Hypospray, Microtone, Motor assist bands, Neural calipers, Neural implants, Neural paralyzer, Neural stimulator, Neural transducers, neurocortical monitor, neuroelectrical supresser, Neurolink, Physiostimulator, Plasma infusion unit, Protodynoplasm, Psychotricorder, Pulmenary support unit, Quarantine protocole, Resonance tissue scan, retinal scan, Somnetic inducer, Sonic separator, Starfleet emergency medical course, Stasis Unit, T-Cell stimulator, Tissue mitigator, Trilaser connector


Department responsible for the operations and maintenance of the ship systems, including warp drive and impulse drive. Propulsion systems and power demands are under the auspices of the Chief Engineer.

Vocabulary : Antimatter containment, Cochrane distortion, Dilithium, Dilithium chamber hatch, Dilithium vector calibrations, Dilithium crystal articulation frame, Flux generator, Isolation protocole, Matter/Antimatter reaction chamber, Nacelle, Subspace, Subspace phenomena, Transwarp, Warp factor, Warp field coils, Warp field effect, Warp field bubble.


Department responsible for overseeing scientific investigations and providing the ship's Captain with scientific information needed for command decisions. The Science station on the bridge included link with sensors systems and ship library. All scientific experiments and/or discoveries must be cataloged by the Chief Science Officer.

Various departments : Archeology and Anthropology Specialist, Astrometrics, Borg specialist dept., Cultural Database Dept., Exobiology, Hydroponic and Botanical dept., Planetary Geosciences labatory, Spectral analysis Department, Stellar Cartography Dept.


Department responsible for the Mental well being of the ship's crew. The Counselor's duties includes providing individual and advice to the crew members, as well as periodic crew performance evaluations, usually performed with the ship's executive officer or other department heads. The Counselor is also expected to provide advice to the ship Captain on command decisions.


Department responsible for the safety inside and outside the ship (Away missions). Also responsible for the ship's readiness to any type of aggressions or intrusions. For such rolls, discipline in the ranks are a must. The Chief Tactical/Security has also the obligations to suggest the best course of action in case of danger and investigate if a situation arise on board. See also : Weapons, Klingon Blades

Vocabulary : Calisthenics progr., Kabayashi Maru Scenario, Rules and Regulations, Security access code, Security anklet, Security bypass module, Security clearance, Security field subsystem ANA, Security sensor,




The Fighters squadron was created for the purpose of attacking the ennemy with multiple angles and also make it hard to target because of the speed and maneuverability of the Fighter ships. They are an attack force.See FIGHTER SQUADRON

Clearance Level Edit

Level 1

Allows access to stations personnel and official logs, weapons lockers for Starfleet personnel.

Level 2

Allows access to stations center and information label to this level, departments chief assistants, and crew.

Level 3

Allows access to starfleet mission information.

Level 4

Star fleet intelligence officer and access to ship-departure logs. Alpha : Required access level for access to an alien starship's black box.

Level 5

Required access to show the layout of ships or space-station while highlighting all repaired replicators on the command level.

Level 6

Computer access, information mission layout label up to that level. Lowest level of Department chiefs.

Level 7

Allows access to weapons locker for non-station operations personnel and access to runabout launch pads.

Level 8

Computer, and command access. Highess level of department chiefs.

Level 9

Required to override security program. FO, 2O, and 3O level.

Level 10

Required to access the Omega One data file, which contains information on the Omega Directive. Captain level and up.

Medical and Science Clearance Level Edit

Sigma 1 to 3

Nurse level, basic file information, treatments to be given. Experiment level.

Sigma 4 to 6

chief Medical assistants, ACSO and head nurse level. Consultation file, medical research. Research and projects of delicate nature.

Sigma 7 to 9

Required to release specific classified documents on the mutagenic virus from Starfleet medical. Give access to case sensitive information and dangerous materials.

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