D'Kha Ship

Race: D'Rahg Planet: Eden

Encounter Details: First encountered on 2474 a prewarp civilization. Due to the prime directive no encounter was authorized until 2475 when the D'Rahg achieved warp flight. At that point Admiral Wilson authorized contact and the species were very welcoming. After first Negotiations the D'Rahg were very welcoming and proved to be intelligent beyond warp flight.

A treaty was rapidly formalized and D'Rahg scientists moved to Starbase Athena and have proved a great assets in analysis. So far all applicants from the D'Rahg have been to the field of Science. Since the species does not support war they refuse to carry weapons or engage in combat. With this in mind Admiral Wilson set a standing order that D'Rahg are excused from all combat training and duties.

Updated File follows – D’Rahg species have been discovered to be in fact a series of clones from a rather small genetic option group. Apparently the species have never mated in any traditional sense of the word, they started as clones and that has been the full extent of their history. The cloning process prepares for four classes of the people. The intellectuals holding a higher intellectual capacity, The rulers that have a increased empathic and telepathic abilities, The works that are more physically able than the standard D’Rahg and finally the final class has not been disclosed by the main government however it is believed by intelligence that this final group is the most powerful however their abilities only exist in legend of the people.

Treaty Status: Allied - Members of the Federation 2475

(Written by RB)