Mission: A Blast from the Past (Stephenson back story) Stardate: 2475.01.24

(Starbase Athena - Sickbay - TAC/SC - Cmdr Ryan Stephenson - 06:00) "Commander he does not have much time left. He has asked to see you and Commander Stephenson," The doctor stated looking down his glasses right into Ryan's eyes. Ryan glanced over to the young Lieutenant standing next to him. "Robin lets go in," Ryan stated looking at Robin trying to put what was left of the emotion in his voice. He had been present at many deaths now too many to count, his friends, family and colleagues. This was different, with all the confusion after the destruction of Earth, Ryan had been one of those teenagers that no one really knew who they were or where they were from. John had showed him compassion probably out of more of a duty after Ryan the 15 year old had protected Robin Wilson with nothing more than a kitchen knife to hand. Since then he had been raised as one of the family. John had wanted to call him Wilson but Ryan only had one memory of his family and that was the surname and he wasn't going to surrender that. Walking into the sickbay Ryan looked at John hooked up to machines in a attempt to keep him alive. This had been coming for a long time, however there was little Ryan or any one could have done. They had somehow gotten to him. Admiral Wilson's security had been his responsibility and he had let him down. Standing in the background he stood as the true father and son had one final moment. As the Admiral gestured to him Ryan moved closer and lent down to hear him more carefully. "Ryan, it is not your fault. We did not know of their threat there was no way you could have done anything," John stated gasping for air. "I should have done better," "No one could have…" As the Admiral's voice trailed off the doctors came closer and shook his head. Admiral John Wilson was dead. Hearing footsteps behind him Ryan turned to face the woman. "This is classified under Intelligence order 1229," Ryan thought about striking the woman square in the jaw. "Commander Stephenson you are not to disclose any involvement of the apparent terrorist cell the brotherhood. Admiral John Wilson died of natural causes, do you understand?" "Commodore, I don't give a damn. Im going to hunt these down and make them pay" "Commander you are to take no further action you already pritty much left that security guard so he is going to end his days eating food through a straw. We do not sanction torture in this federation. You are on very thin ice!" Commodore Gideon stated. "He was working for them I needed intelligence on this organisation. Im the reason you have a name for these people and how we knew about the bomb on the promenade!" Commander do not push me," Gideon sated opening his stance up. Ryan glared and then with out realising reached the nearest medical tray and crashed it into Gideon's head. Robin ran over to give aid to the unconscious Commodore. Standing motionless Ryan spoke. "Im going after that group! It might be best to avoid me for a while," Ryan stated turning his back and walking away. (Reply None) (Posted By Rich) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.02.08 (Starbase Athena - Brig - Ryan Stephenson - 05:00) Rolling over on his bunk Ryan starred at the light directly above his head. How long had he been here it was not certain, but it felt like a life time. Rubbing his temple he attempted to focus his mind into sitting up. Taking his time he raised himself up on the bunk and lowered his feet to the floor. The force field lights shimmered still indicating he was sealed in. As he cleared his throat he noticed the guards snapping to attention as a medium height man strolled in like he had no real purpose in life or a particular care in the world. Opening his mouth Ryan spoke. "Admiral Wilson, what can I do for you," The contempt could not have been more clear if he had spat right in the Admirals eye. The Admiral breathed deeply and looked down at the pad. "What happened Ryan? You and I were friends and this is how you behave?" The admirals words appeared to be strained like they were causing pain to say. Continuing the Admiral did not raise his eyes from the padd. "4 marines in the infirmary, 6 Security officers laying next to them and a lot of people who would like to get even with you. Including a entire detachment of marines. I know you lost a lot more than most and I understand why you threw away the uniform. The Counselor states here your survivors guilt over the disaster is causing you not to care any more. We can help you get back on your feet…" The admirals voice trailed off as he began to notice Ryan stand up and approach the force field. "398," Ryan stated, looking the admiral in the eyes. He could feel the emotion welling up inside of him once more. He would never admit it but he could still see some of their eyes and still hear their screams. "They knew the risks when they put on the uniform," Wilson stated considerably cold for a El-Aurian. "What are you here to sell Wilson?" Ryan stated glaring through the force field. "This," Wilson stated turning the padd around. Looking down Ryan saw the image and grinned, it was about time. (Starbase Athena - Quarters - Ryan Stephenson - 06:00) Throwing the items into the bag in no particular order or apparent care, Ryan's mind was focused on other things and Wilson knew Ryan wouldn't be able to turn down the deal he had been offered. Brushing the items from the dresser into the bag he secured the zip and then reached under the bed to collect the phaser. Checking the charge with a pleasant click he placed it under his jacket and turned to exit the room. The large security officer stood in front of him in the doorway. Looking up to his eyes Ryan awaited the officer to break the silence. "This way please Lieutenant Commander," The guard stated gesturing towards the corridor. "Admiral Wilson has cleared the shuttle to fly and your window is only open for ten more minutes. The intel on that document will only be good for 24 hours at best so you have to do it by then," The guard had a knack for stating the obvious. "I understand what is expected of me," Ryan stated and then turned his back on the security guard and made his way to the shuttle. (Reply None) (Posted by Richard Bowes) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.02.08 (Starbase Athena - Intelligence office - Director Commodore Claire Gideon - 08:00) "So will he cope?" Claire Gideon inquired looking over her desk at the Admiral sat in front of her. "I believe so Commodore," Robin replied, staring past the Commodore to the space behind her. Ever since his promotion from command of a starship he continued to feel like a limb had been detached. He had started to look more and more longingly at the stars wishing to be traveling around them rather than rotating on this Starbase. " Commander Stephenson, is a interesting chap. He served under your father did he not and he thought very much of him?" Gideon inquired but in her unique way which means she already knew the answer but liked to confirm things. "He was a Ensign back then, with all the combat experience he had he quickly rose through the ranks and my father was very fond of him. He would have hated what Ryan was doing to himself. We have given him the chance though to put his demons to rest," Robin stated reminiscing on the man that had grown up along side him and been treated like another son by his father. "Question is what do we do with him afterwards?" Gideon already had a few ideas but airlocks were monitored too much since the changes the station had undergone and the damage inflicted by the brotherhood. "I have just the place in mind. He will not want to come back here and the Relentless is going to be in dry dock for 6 months at the minimum so I cant have him. So I had in mind to send him to some one I know will keep a eye on him. She needs a Chief of Security and he will fit the bill," "Are you going to tell her," Gideon questioned raising her eyebrow, knowing the Admirals knack of not sticking to the letter of the law where Starfleet was concerned. Wilson smiled and then stood up, "Nope you are," Wilson stated as he walked out of the office. Gideon looked down at her console and began to type.


From: Commodore Gideon To : Wolfheart CO Subject: Lt Cmdr Ryan Stephenson

Captain, Lt.Cmdr Ryan Stephenson will be reporting into you in 5 days, Handle with care, subject is still unstable. Commodore Gideon Starbase Athena commanding (reply : none) (Posted by RB) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.10 USS Wolfheart – Captain's ready room – CO Captain Ksour, Lt. Comdr. Ryan Stephenson – 0855 Ksour had a predictable day plan as she sat behind her desk. Her crew still had a few spot left to file. One of them was about to filed with Lieutenant Ryan Stephenson. She read his profile and wonder for a moment. The officer in question should present himself to her in just a few minutes. Ryan stood in front of the captain's quarters his uniform feeling tighter than it ever had previously. However that had been another lifetime. Pressing the door chime he awaited the Captain's response. “Come in!” Ksour look at who was coming. Stepping through the doorway Ryan looked at the Captain behind the desk that seemed to be wedged by the bump on her tummy. "Captain, Lieutenant Commander Ryan Stephenson. Reporting for duty Ma'am," “Welcome on board... please, sit down. How was your trip?” Ryan looked at the chair and then spoke. "I would prefer to stand, the trip was eventful," Ryan stated after he had completed what was required of him the rest of the trip had been spent tending to wounds. “Anything to report about that?” Ksour left eyebrow lifted slightly. " It was in response to the Brotherhoods attacks on the civilians," Ryan stated pausing and then beginning again. "Unfinished business Ma'am," “We all have a few of those. I have a few score to settle the question is... I think you already guess that one Lieutenant Commander Stephenson.” Ryan raised his eyebrow in what appeared to be customary to indicate the lack of knowledge on the matter. "No ma'am please ask," Ksour got up and walk up to the replicator. “Your feelings, will they interfere with work? Truth be told. It should be a quiet mission, but still the unexpected can always pop up.” "Captain with all respect I have spent the last two years either drunk or locked in the cell because it was more valuable to keep certain individuals alive due to intelligence available. That is solved now," Ryan stated . “Good. Computer, a glass of cold milk.” She waited a second, took the glass and return to her seat. “Then, you can go and take you post Lieutenant commander.” Ksour gave him a smile. Ryan relaxed his stance and nodded. The captain had dropped the subject fast enough and that was fine by him. "Thank you Ma'am," Ryan stated turning onto the bridge. Ksour look at him leave, wonder for a moment. There was something unsettling about him and yet she knew it was to soon to make an opinion about him. She took a sip of her milk and returned her attention to her duties. (reply : none) (Posted by : LD, RB) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.11 Unknown starcraft - unidentified humanoid – morning hours If another would have pass beside it, it wouldn't have been important, actually, it would have been destroyed. It had the colors of a tiger, with 4 curve inward hooks. It traveled slowly, following it's prey, waiting for the right moment to strick. On board this ship was only one man, seated at the captain's seat and looking at the mainview screen. His face was blank, until his eyes cut the glimpse of those pictures at the left corner side. “She's like a Betelguesian Wild Cat , nine lives... not anymore. I will get you and after him... yes. He needs to see you die, to see you suffer because you didn't suffer enough. You need to pay, you made me fall into disgrace. Soon, very soon.” He got up, took a few steps toward the door. “Computer, keep to instructions.” A deep computer voice. [Yes Master] The man left, his fingers scratching the walls letting out a sound of metal against metal. (Reply non) (Posted by LD) NRPG : This ship will not be detected yet, but much, much later. RPG Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 USS Wolfheart – Captain's ready room – CO Captain Ksour – 1016 Thalia settled in her chair behind her desk, for once, everything was quiet. The ship, after it's baryon sweep, seem to work better. Must admit that for the fleet, the construction of that important station, to perform this task was a priority, baryon radiation was making repairs of ships difficult. She picked up the 4 reports on her desk and started to read the first, she was halfway through when the communication signal resonated. “Yes!” -We are picking up a distress signal Sir.- “Interesting... did you try to open communication?” -Nothing, just the distress call.- “Change course to intercept, go to yellow alert and weapons on standbye. Keep trying to contact them, we might be to far and tell me when we will have visual Number one.” -Understood... Lichfied out!- Thalia return to her reading, holding the pad with one hand and with the other caressing her pregnant belly. The baby was moving about. She was seven month pregnant and felt like a beach whale. She finished to read the reports, put her signature, so the computer would class them in it's memory banks. She turned to more personal correspondence, Wilson send her letters and also a few stuff. She had the surprise to see in her quarters last week that a box had arrived for her. Inside was a crib. It made her wonder about what he felt and yet she was ready to raise that child by herself. She kept him informed of course, and his letters were concerned that she was sent on that mission even if it was one of exploration. The communication signal resonated. -Captain, still no answer but we will have visual in a few minutes.- “Understood... I'm coming.” She put down everything and return to the bridge. Walking down the slop, she look at the main view screen, for now, only stars shows. She sat in her chair. “Let's see what we can see. Xerxes, magnify!” “Yes Sir!” “That's one weird whip, the computer doesn't recognize the configuration of it. It would be part organic part mechanical Captain.” “Still no communication! Put the Wolfheart in orbit matching this ship.” Thalia got up and took a few steps forward stopping short from the steps that would take them between the helm and ops console. “No acknowledgment of our signals.” “I know there are people on board that ship, I can feel them. And that ship... there's an intelligence behind it.” “I guess it's your turn Captain. Maybe a figure of authority might make them answer.” Suggested Lichfield, getting up by her side. “Might be right. Open a channel, send in all frequencies.” “Ready Sir!” “To the people in the ship in orbit around this planet, this is Captain Thalia Ksour of the Federation starship USS Wolfheart. We are responding to your distress call, and we know that there is people on board, please answer our call.” It took fifteen seconds before finally an answer came. -USS Wolfheart, sorry about that. I'm Captain Francis Drake. My ship didn't want to relinquish the communication systems. It was also the one who send the distress signal. We are alright here.- Thalia look at the man who appeared on the viewscreen... he look good. She gave him a smile. “Do you have problems with you computer? Or with your intelligent ship?” -I frankly don't know what happen Captain Ksour, but I think I know why it did that.- “What is the problem? We might be of help for you!” -Tell me, are you part of the federation who was in the delta quadrant... before the war?- “Yes we are.” -Then, you might be of help to someone on board. But talking like this is distracting... could I come on board your ship to talk.- “Of course you can. Number one, arrange that please. I will be in the conference lounge waiting.” Lichfield gave her a smile. “At your orders Captain.” Thalia observed him leave the bridge and return her attention to Captain Drake. “Captain Drake, standbye for transport. Ksour out.” Communication was cut of and Thalia made her wait to the conference lounge where she stop and look at the view. There she had a good look at the alien ship. A few minutes later, Captain Drake was introduced. Lichfield took a seat. “Captain Drake, welcome on board.” “Thank you.” He took a seat with an air of nonchalence. “What I need to tell you is a long story... hope you have time?” “We have the time Captain.” (Reply... anyone) Posted by LD Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Holodeck – Captain Alexandra Lowell former CO of the USS Vega – 1020 Alexandra was doing the one hundred steps, she didn't like to be an hologram, reminded her of to much. The Cochrane station, and even more so Tahl. She liked it enough when she wasn't alone, then her memories didn't prey on her. The only reason why she was there now was Drake, to tell her the news. The Federation was still alive, she wanted to know what had happen. In frustration, she lay down on the sofa, she needed to calm down and succeeded just to well. She fell asleep and was back to the Cochrane, an empty Cochrane. (Cochrane Station – Dream) “Hello, anybody here?” She yelled once in the promenade. The station had an air of ghost-town, it gave her the chill. “Usually, I have dreams with more people in it. That's not good at all, psychologically speaking.” “Anyone, even a rat would be welcome!” Alexandra made her way to her former quarters. It seem so cold suddenly. She went to her desk, of course there was nothing of hers there. She then heard a noise outside her quarters. She nearly ran and cross the threshold of it... nothing and yet, there was, at her right side, a T'Kon battle staff. Alexandra's head tilted on one side, she came by that direction, there was nothing a moment ago. She look behind her and walk up to it carefully. “Hello, is there someone in here.” The only sound was the echo of her voice. She picked up the staff and activated it. “Tahl, I miss you so much... something is off here. Need to go to ops, the answer might be there.” Without the transporter, she knew it would take longer to get there and yet it was a dream, with a little bit of control, she arrived there. Alexandra looked around, made her way to the command chair and sat on it. She missed her command, if it hadn't been for the USS Vega technical problems, she would have arrived in time. She would have been with Talh, he would have been there for their child, her beautiful daughter, now an adult with her father sense of humor and the link. She let go the tears, that was healthy, she needed free the pain, when she heard steps. It was a familiar face, Captain Sinia Karsuna. “You certainly had a gift to find trouble. Also, it took me sometime to finally get to the surface and reach you.” “Why?” she got up at the sight of her, she was coming down to her level. “When you went through the virtual world with Talh, we had to change you a little. When you first arrive, the guardian scan everyone, and you he could reach... That's why you saw your father. But the guardian needed more, without it, none of the it would have happen.” “That I knew. You needed someone who would respect, know, fight.” “Oh yes... Captain Sinoival is one hell of an adversary... like Black is, or was considering that all almost all the people you knew are dead now.” “Tahl...” “I know that you are trap, but not for long Alexandra. You need to trust your friends.” “I trust them, I just have been to long in that cryotub. I'm getting cabin fever even if I can simulate any environment.” “Can I give you an advice. That battle staff would be a good way to free this energy of yours. It's been a long time since you did. Got to go now.” (Cochrane station – end of dream) Obviously, because she felt shaken by someone. It was Drake's voice that was trying to reach her. “Alexandra, wake up. I think you are having a nightmare. Wake up Love!” She finally open her eye and blinking, rubbing her eyes she look at him. “How long was I sleeping?” “Not long, but it look like it wasn't a pleasant dream.” “I was back on the station, the Cochrane... had a conversation with Sinia.” she sat on the sofa and saw Drake sat beside her. “Ah... I just came back from the Wolfheart. Had a talk with the captain.” “And?” “I didn't ask about how they were in this part of the galaxy. I think we will know that later. I told her how you came about and why the Scorpion stop, that's all.” “You gave them the box. Which as the tissues sample, analysis and all?” “Yes... I hope they will be able to help you. I want you out of that damn thing.” He took her hand, and to her surprise, she felt them cold. “You and me both. What is it Drake?” She reach out for him, her arm around his shoulder. His head found it's way on the curve of her neck. “I just feel a bit blue... like you.” He let out a sigh and closed his eyes for a moment. “Want to spend sometime with me?” “I will take care of business and come back. I think that you and me don't want to be alone.” When he pulled back, he look into her eye, gave her a kiss and left the holodeck. (Reply none) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 USS Wolfheart – Conference lounge – CO of the Scorpion Captain Drake, CO Captain Ksour, FO Comdr. Lichfield – 1030 When his ship stop in orbit and send a distress signal, Drake wonder what was going and he had his crew search the reason for this reaction. What he didn't realized was that his ship picked up on it's long rang scan another ship... a federation ship. The brief conversation he had with the captain of the Wolfheart, her resemblance to someone he knew just to well made him connect to that reason. Now it was time for explanation. He was beamed on board the Wolfheart, the FO escorted him to the conference lounge. He found the Captain observing his ship and was surprise to see she was pregnant. “Captain Drake, welcome on board.” “Thank you.” He took a seat with an air of nonchalence. “What I need to tell you is a long story... hope you have time?” “We have the time Captain.” She took a chair and turn her attention to him. “My ship and my crew were transported through time and space from the past, the year was 2406. I was sent on a rescue operation.” “Rescue operation... whom send you?” “That is when it gets complicated. From a starship Commander. I would suggest your FO to search for two names. Captain Alexandra Lowell and Commander Talhmari, her husband.” Ksour gave a look at Lichfield, he simply nodded. “Keep going, you are picking my curiosity.” “Something was happening in the internal affairs of the Federation at the time. Command send Alex... Captain Lowell in an important mission even when she was five months pregnant. At least, it must had been important, because if it wasn't I have a bone to pick, well would have a bone to pick with the Command at the time.” He gave a corner smile but return to his narration. I managed to find Captain Lowell's ship cut up a some sort of temporal flux, I went in and rescued her and our son who was still with her. That is when, what ever held us, stop it's grip on us and we lost control. We were project millions of light years away from the stellar position we had. We have just managed to arrive here.” “Captain... here are the bios and last orders.” Lichfield read them prior to give it to her. “Thanks!” There was a pause, where Ksour read the profile. One of her left eyebrow lifted. “Interesting. I heard about her at the academy... a real spitfire.” “You have no idea!” Drake gave her his best corner smile. Ksour did the same. She wasn't about to ask what was the relationship between him and Lowell, yet she was curious. ~Those questions are for later.~ “Tell me... where is Captain Lowell?” “Twenty five years ago, we went on a survey mission. She had been with us only for a couple of years then. We were searching for ship resources when a swarm of insects attack us. She pushed me out of the way, to safety but she got stung by one of them. She tried to find a counter agent for the venom invading her body, but the only remedy would take to long and she would have died. She put herself in a cryotub, the only way for the remedy or find help for her. She made a complete file about the venom, what she had done and so forth. I could give you a copy of it for your science and medical team to analyze. I don't want to get her out of that cryotub before we are sure that she can be saved.” “Of course and yes. Maybe our science and medical labs can find a cure. We found a lot medicinal plants in this part of the quadrant.” “Tell me... was that mission that important.” He lean forward, she could sense that he was frustrated for a long time about that question. “Yes, it was important... I guess the failure of this mission was also not predictable. Command suspected that a renegade group in the federation was using ancient technology, with deadly force. With her knowledge and resource, she was the right person for the mission.” “Good then.” He look at his ship and had a feeling that Ksour couldn't help to pick up herself. “The Scorpion unfroze the command control... I guess that it's what it wanted after all.” “It's a logical idea. Do you have with you the file Captain Lowell created?” “It's in my pocket, I took it before I left my ship.” he put it on the table and wonder if he could hope for a miracle. “According to your file Captain Drake, you had another federation member on board your ship. Counselor Cantarzini?” As she said the name, she felt his pain. “She died five years ago. We were searching supplies, water and food. Then, a storm formed quickly, then a tornado, in less then an hour. The atmosphere was charge with ion particulates and other stuff that I don't remember, impossible to use the transporter. She was taken by the tornado winds.” Ksour could feel the pain in him. ~Just remembered why a never wanted to be a counselor.~ She gave a sign to Lichfield to leave giving him the box Drake had put on the table. This one had got up and was now in the corner looking at the view, yet she knew that right now he wasn't looking at his ship. When he came out of it, Drake was surprised to see that he was alone with Captain Ksour. She had got up and was standing a couple of meters again from him, looking at the same view. He gave him the time, to see and get himself out of that memory. “Tell me Captain, why are you doing here? I know there's no regulation per say that tells a pregnant woman can't go on a mission, but still.” “I have a boring mission to do... mapping the sector, detecting gasses anomalies and such. Nothing that should put me in trouble.” She gave him a smile. “You are the most welcome unexpected incident Captain Drake.” ~A little bit of humor shouldn't hurt.~ “Nice to be of service. Now, what do you want me to do Captain Ksour?” “Well, we will escort you to Terra Nova, we have a Starbase Athena, to see Fleet Admiral Aden Iskra. In the mean time, and hopefully, we will have found a cure and you just might not be alone to meet him.” “Nice plan... I like it. Now I need to go back to my ship and give orders.” “Of course, I will escort you to the transporter room.” (Reply anyone who wanted to join) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past – Stardate : 2478.05.12 USS Wolfheart – Conference lounge – CO of the Scorpion Captain Drake, CO Captain Ksour, FO Comdr. Lichfield “According to your file Captain Drake, you had another federation member on board your ship. Counselor Cantarzini?” Captain Ksour asked and as she did, his mind slipped into the past as he stepped up to the window. Past Stardate:2406.09.16 Place: the USS Cochrane – Ten Forward – Scorpian CO Francis Drake - 1539) Drake could see and smell everything as if he was there once again. He could see that the 18th Century wedding dress complimented her even over the fact that she was pregnant with their first child. It had been a flowing silk dress that fell loosely but correctly down her form with one lacey strap that ran over her shoulder. Her hair, Rose had fixed atop her head in a beautiful 18th century style. As she and her father entered, the light of the corridor for a moment surrounded her as if a divine light was pointing her out to him. She was so beautiful it had reminded him once again of only one of the many reasons why he loved her so much. He had watched as she and her father walked up the isle of standing people. When they were close, he stepped down to meet them and watched as her father presented her to him. "She is yours, to care, to protect, and cherish." her father had said as he took her hand and gave it to Drake. "As my own life." he had replied to her father without taking his eyes away from Rose. Then he had walked the short distance with Rose up to where Alex would perform the ceremony. "...So, Captain Drake you may start." Drake had barely heard Alex speak his name, but, He then had said his vows to her.... "Rose my love, for so long I have been alone. I was alone ever since my parents were murdered so many years ago and then when I had lost another that I had thought was my soul mate. I searched all over the universe for her and when I did find her once again, I really found the one that made me whole for the first time in my life. You, Rose, are the wind in my sails, the sun that rises every morning, the very fabric that gives me the will to go on every day. You are truly my soul mate in every term. You are the strength that helps me go on from one thing to another and you are the one that gives me the will to return each time. I use to be fearless in the face of death as there was no real reason to worry whether I survived or not except to complete the mission. But, now I have a new reason to laugh in the face of death, You, you give me the strength to know that I can overcome anything to be back in your arms. You have showed me that I am not so invincible as you have conquered me with your love. You are the one that I want to go to bed with every night and the one that I want to wake up to every morning." Drake pause a moment to smile at his beloved before continuing, "Now, with that all said, I make these solemn vows to you in the midst of the company here of both the Cochrane, Scorpion and whatever supreme being there is. Rose my love I promise forever to love, comfort, and encourage you with all my being. I promise to be honest with you, to share with you my hopes, dreams, my sorrows, and my secrets that I can share with you." Drake smiled a bit at that. "I promise to share with you all that is mine now, in the future and forever. My heart, my soul, and all that I am is not only yours now and forever, but, it was yours from the moment I was born. I want to grow old with you, I want to spend forever with you and no other." Drake finished and just smiled at Rose while Alex tried to continue the ceremony. "Rose Cantarzini, it's your turn to give your vows." Alexandra had said. Drake had smiled even broader when Rose looked at his hands, then she lifted her head to him and took a very deep breath. "It has been a long time since I have done this and I thought that it was forever, but even that is not long. Then you came, from the start, there was no secrets between us and it's like we knew each other. You broke the wall I had made, you forced me to find my strength, you encouraged me to discover more of myself to only discover that my heart was already not mine any longer. It was yours and also to my surprise, I had yours deep in me, beating hard and strong. So here are my vows to you my Love. I promise to love you, comfort and encourage you, to be open and honest with you. I promise to be your confidante, always ready to share your hopes, dreams and secrets. I promise to give you a few surprises, because I want to see that smile of yours. My heart, my soul, my very being is yours forever and ever." "The rings please." Alex said and they came quickly, she took them and gave the big alliance to Rose and the smaller one to Drake. "Francis Drake place the ring on Rose's finger and repeat... with this ring, symbol of my eternal love, I take you to be my wife and companion forever onward." With his heart almost breaking with pride and joy he followed what Alex was saying, "With this Ring, the external symbol of my eternal and everlasting love, I take you Rose to be my love, companion, and my wife forever and eternal onward." He knew that he had added words to what Alex had said, it just seemed to be right. He slid the ring on Rose's smooth, lovely finger then looked back into her face. Alex then looked at Rose, "Rose Cantarzini, place the ring on Francis finger and repeat... with this ring, symbol of my eternal love, I take you to be my husband and companion forever onward." Drake smiled as Rose repeated what Alex told her to say, then Alex walked out from behind the lectern and place her hands on there's. "I have the immense joy and privilege of pronouncing you husband and wife... Drake you can kiss your bride." She said with a crooked smile. He pulled Rose into his arms as he softly, gently, but, forcefully gave her a kiss that told her that he had indeed gave himself over to her fully yet once again. USS Wolfheart – Conference lounge – CO of the Scorpion Captain Drake, CO Captain Ksour – 1036 Then he was once again staring out at his ship. "She died five years ago. We were searching supplies, water and food. Then, a storm formed quickly, then a tornado, in less then an hour. The atmosphere was charge with ion particulates and other stuff that I don't remember, impossible to use the transporter. She was taken by the tornado winds." he said to the window before he looked around. He was surprised to see that he was alone with Captain KSour. He noticed that she was standing a couple of meters from him looking at the same view he was. "Tell me Captain, why are you doing here? I know there's no regulation per say that tells a pregnant woman can't go on a mission, but still." he asked "I have a boring mission to do... mapping the sector, detecting gasses anomalies and such. Nothing that should put me in trouble." She gave him a smile. "You are the most welcome unexpected incident Captain Drake." she replied with what seemed to him to be a bit of humor. "Nice to be of service. Now, what do you want me to do Captain Ksour?" He returned with a small smile of his own. "Well, we will escort you to Terra Nova, we have a Starbase Athena, to see Fleet Admiral Aden Iskra. In the mean time, and hopefully, we will have found a cure and you just might not be alone to meet him." KSour replied "Nice plan... I like it. Now I need to go back to my ship and give orders." He informed her. "Of course, I will escort you to the transporter room." (Reply anyone who wanted to join) (Posted by Frank) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Bridge – Captain Francis Drake – 1040 Drake stepped on the bridge and look at Jerad, is sorta First Officer. This one was observing him, since Drake for a second look at the direction he came in and then back again. “What troubles you?” “Lowell and what is going on?” He sat at his place for a second and then got up again, walking about the bridge. “Orders?” “Orders... yes, follow the Wolfheart. She is escorting us back to civilization.” Drake had a small corner smile. “You have something on your mind Drake?” “Alex.” “You don't like to see her troubled. You know, I was thinking that since we have contacted the federation, maybe she would like to talk to this Captain you have met. Maybe talking to her, touch bases would be good.” Drake look at him, and it felt like it made sense. “I think that it's a bright idea. Call them right now!” =/\=Cochrane here... what can I do for you?=/\= said a male voice. “Captain Drake would like to talk to your captain... is she available?”

/\= Give me a moment, I will ask.=/\

The communication was briefly cut and soon came a feminine voice. =/\= Captain Ksour speaking... what can I do for you?=/\=

Drake took a step forward. “I just had an idea. Like you have guessed, this ship of mine is special and even more so because Captain Lowell can interact with the ship's holodeck. You could came here and talk to her if you like. You would have privacy. You could come with another officer, to see the cryotub and of course, Captain Lowell.” Communication was cut for 30 seconds, to open again. =/\=I might bring with me my tactical officer and also the CMO... would that be good Captain Drake.=/\= “Yes, it would be good... when could we expect you?”

/\=In ten minutes give or take.=/\

“Then we will be expecting your signal... Drake out!” Drake turned to look at Jerad. “You know what to do.”

“Yes Captain.” He gave him a smile and saw Drake leave the bridge. (Reply from : Lichfield, Stephenson, and a CMO) (Stacey, if you want to.) Posted by LD) Mission: A Blast From the Past - Stardate: 2478.05.12 (USS Wolf heart - Bridge - TAC/SC - Lt.Cmdr Ryan Stephenson - 10:43) Ryan stood at his station, the bleeping consoles proved to be a quite therapeutic sound after a person became used to them. It was a soothing factor that there was so much order and predictability about it. Looking around the bridge officers Ryan felt somewhat uncomfortable, it had been many years since he had stood on the bridge of any vessel and especially in uniform. Watching with interest as his sensors stored reams of information regarding the scorpion vessel. The vessel was interesting to say the least and its mixture of bio-technology was intriguing. The logical benefit being that the ships hull would naturally regenerate and heal itself given the time and dissipate any phaser blasts that were to strike it. Given the eventual assault to recapture the Alpha Quadrant there would be a need to take more efficient ships into battle that the standard federation design. Wilson had insisted on a increased research into new shields and weapons technology collected from the various encounters with species since their arrival. With their location and remoteness in comparison to the other races it had allowed the races not to develop on the same track as the Alpha and mainstream Beta quadrant races. Thus there was a intrinsic benefit into exploring these areas. Refocusing Ryan looked at the view screen as the scorpion captain requested Ksour's presence. Raising a eyebrow once the coms had stopped Ryan spoke up. "Captain, I must make it noted I am not comfortable sending the senior staff over to a vessel we do not fully understand yet. Precautions only Ma'am," Ryan stated. (Reply Ksour) (Scorpion - Bridge - TAC/SC - Lt Cmdr Ryan Stephenson - 11:00) Whilst the captain was over on the holodeck Ryan had been given the opportunity to explore the ship. He was not 100% comfortable with the lack of a full security detail or with the lack of a Phaser on his hip. However he had to play to the federation rules once more. Continuing exploring he decided to check on the FO. "Commander," Ryan stated looking at Lichfield. (Reply Lichfield) (Reply Lichfield, Ksour, Any) (Posted by Rich) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 USS Wolfheart – Bridge – FO- commander Lichfield O'Brien – 1044 "Captain, I must make it noted I am not comfortable sending the senior staff over to a vessel we do not fully understand yet. Precautions only Ma'am," Ryan stated. ~As always by the book~ thought lichfield although not disapproving this attitude somtimes got in the way sa little bit. "Noted and that is why you are coming also Mister Stephenson. We need to be diplomat here, also we need to know if his story checks out. We will need also our CMO and you Lichfield." "Ai sir. Sounds intersting may I suggest extreme caution as the Lt Cmdr stated this vessal none of us understand fully so we can not take any neccasary percuations!" Lichfield sighed "But we must play by the rules set infront of us" said lichfield crypticly "Now, let's get to the transporter room." (Scorpion - Bridge - FO-Cmdr Lichfield O'Brienn - 1057) "Commander," Ryan stated looking at Lichfield. "Yes Lt, I sense it also somthing is a little bit wrong here." said lichfield looking around " It may just be the lack of a phasor on a unknowen vessal but i dont like it! There are not enough crew on here to man this vessal of this size for one thing we should be right in the way here yet look around" (Reply Stephenson) Lichfield walked over and touched a console and got no response from it even though it obviously had power to it. (reply Stpehenson) (Reply Stephenson, CMO, anyone) (Posted by Mike) Mission: A Blast from the Past Stardate: 2478.05.12 (Scorpion - Bridge - TAC/SC - Lt Cmdr Ryan Stephenson - 10:57) "Yes Lt, I sense it also something is a little bit wrong here," The commander looked around the bridge in a unmistakably inquisitive manner. " It may just be the lack of a Phaser on a unknown vessel but I don't like it! There is not enough crew on here to man this vessel of this size for one thing we should be right in the way here yet look around," Ryan looked around the bridge it was true the bridge was unmistakably empty for a ship of this size and in all reality there had been no sign of the crew at all. The captain seemed to be a little took in by this drake fellow. "If I might have leave sir, I will return to the Wolfheart and speak to the Intelligence officer about hacking into the ships systems remotely. I'd prefer not to do it over a open com," Ryan stated with it being a living ship it was anyone's guess what security measures might be in place. (Reply Lichfield) Turning his back on the commander Ryan spoke. Into his com link. =^= Stephenson to Wolfheart, Lieutenant Perry. Report to the Scorpion on the double. I will be returning to the Wolfheart presently ,=^= Stephenson was not one for the necessities of communication with people especially his juniors he preferred just to get the job done more than anything else and pleasantries were not hugely important. (USS Wolfheart - Bridge - TAC/SC - Lt Cmdr Stephenson - 11:40) As Ryan walked onto the bridge Colonel Mitchel was standing at his consol her hands on her hips glaring at him in what style Ryan liked to call the you've screwed up look. It was a look he was very used to by now. "Commander the next time the Flag officer is going to a potentially hostile ship it might be worthwhile contacting the Marines. Especially when the Security chief is accompanying them!" Mitchell stated, Ryan knew that wasn't the end of the rant so continued to look at the Marine Colonel. "What if the ship had been assaulted, the marines were in the holodeck training and our response time would have been severely hampered. I have placed the marines on standby and we have marine drop ships loaded if the captain needs extraction," Ryan raised a eyebrow at the Colonel, she did have seniority over him and equivalent rank wise she did hold the Starfleet rank of Captain. However thankfully Security of ships came down to the TAC/SC ignoring her clear rank seniority. "Colonel, from what I can gather from initial scans of that ship your drop ships would struggle at breaching that vessel. In addition there is something amiss however the captain does not want us to take any heavy handed actions however." Ryan paused as his com went off. =^= Lieutenant Perry to Chief, Sir it appears that we are being followed around the ship and certain areas are being secured from our entry, =^= Perry stated over the com. "The CO? FO?" Ryan enquired.

^= Fine sir, the captain seems very comfortable around this Drake fellow. However I'm certain that we are being placed under surveillance. How do you want me to proceed?=^

Ryan looked to Mitchell who looked eager as a school girl he knew what she was after to do, however if the captain was safe it would be a massive overreaction. Tapping the communications consol he opened up a com link to the CO.

"Captain, Colonel Mitchell has requested permission to send a flag officer detail to the scorpion," (Reply Ksour) (Reply Ksour, Any) (Posted By Rich) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Holodeck – Lt Jude Perry – 1100 Perry was taking a shower that suddenly stop in the middle of it's cycle to let the message come through.

^= Stephenson to Wolfheart, Lieutenant Perry. Report to the Scorpion on the double. I will be returning to the Wolfheart presently ,=^

She took a step out of the shower to take her combadge and tapped. “Understood Sir.” and she tapped again to cut communication. What was left was a shampooed hair. “Computer, resume shower cycle.”

A minute was enough and in two, she was dressed, had her side arm and walk in fast pace to the bridge. ~Wonder what is going on... my shift only starts in 3 hrs.~ Once there, she took her position and waited for the Lt. Comdr. Stephenson. (Reply from Stephenson) (Posted by LD) NRPG : Just remember that I forgot about that one! Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Bridge – CO of the Wolfheart Captain Ksour – 1200 Ksour was surprised hearing her combadge bip, he mind was still cut up with her conversation with Captain Lowell when it did. She gave it a tap. “Captain Ksour... what is it?”

/\=Captain, Colonel Mitchell has requested permission to send a flag officer detail to the scorpion.=/\

Ksour looked around, stretched out her feelings, of course someone did overhear that. “It's not necessary. I don't feel anything dangerous. Maybe curiosity and also protection between each other. No, it's not necessary. Stephenson, if you get any message from Starfleet about what I ask them earlier... tell me when it arrives. I'm waiting for our CMO analysis of Captain Lowell's physical and after we will come back. Ksour out.”

(Reply from CMO) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 USS Wolfheart – Bridge – CO of the Wolfheart Captain Ksour – 1044 Refocusing Ryan looked at the view screen as the scorpion captain requested Ksour's presence. Raising a eyebrow once the coms had stopped Ryan spoke up. "Captain, I must make it noted I am not comfortable sending the senior staff over to a vessel we do not fully understand yet. Precautions only Ma'am," Ryan stated. “Noted and that is why you are coming also Mister Stephenson. We need to be diplomat here, also we need to know if his story checks out. We will need also our CMO and you Lichfield.” (reply Lichfield, anyone who wants to play a CMO) “Now, let's get to the transporter room.” (Scorpion - Bridge - TAC/SC - Lt Cmdr Ryan Stephenson - 1057) “Stephenson, I'm going to talk to Captain Lowell. I be back in less then half an hour.” Whilst the captain was over on the holodeck Ryan had been given the opportunity to explore the ship. He was not 100% comfortable with the lack of a full security detail or with the lack of a Phaser on his hip. However he had to play to the federation rules once more. Continuing exploring he decided to check on the FO. "Commander," Ryan stated looking at Lichfield. (Reply Lichfield) (Reply : Lichfield, CMO, anyone) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 USS Wolfheart – Holodeck – Exobiologist - Lt Somak – 1100 Somak had been hearing strange rumors about an alien ship made of organic and mechanical material. He had the report about it, but so far it wasn't revealing it's secrets. He read the few reports he could access and felt that time would be the fact who would win trust. On the other hand there was something else that was drop on his lap, like some humans would say and he was riveted over the view his microscanner was seeing on the big screen on the wall. “Fascinating!” He decided to push the scanner analysis, see the DNA sequence of that thing. “It acts like a virus and yet it isn't.” He paused, got up and decided to take a few steps back and forth before deciding to go get his Kotcha tea. ~It certainly deserve something that strong.~ Then, as he look it appear on the plat of the replicator he had an idea. “Computer, can you recreate the interaction and evolution of the organism.” [Analyzing.... the possibility to recreate such an organism would put the prediction in the 12% error] “Humm... take to account the analysis already done of Captain Alexandra Lowell and the symptoms.” [Analyzing... it would make a creation with possibility of errors to 3%] “The logical action... I will take the simulation.” [You will need to give me the parameter of such simulation in order for the calculation of the variables.] “A human host, adult, of 30 yrs old.” [Analyzing............................ Simulation parameter complete... you can see it in Holodeck 5.] “Understood... reserve holodeck 5 until further notices. Also, an holodeck tricorder.” Somak didn't wait for the computer to reply and left his office taking with him a notepad for his notes. (Reply from none) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Bridge – CO of the Wolfheart Captain Ksour, Captain Alexandra Lowell– 1100 Thalia was impressed by the ship and even more so by what she was picking up from it. It definitely sense the presence of the Wolfheart or maybe her. Being Betazoid, she might have been picked up by this intelligence. Captain Drake escorted her to the holodeck and as the door open, they saw Captain Lowell practicing staff fighting. She stop once she saw them. “Computer... stop program and recreate livingroom setting.” The computer bip and the simulation changed. “Alex here is Captain Thalia Ksour, Captain... Captain Alexandra Lowell. I will leave you two to talk and see to your officers.” He gave a smile to Alexandra and left them, the door closed. Thalia observed Alexandra walking toward her, the battle staff shrink quickly and she put it on the coffee table. It didn't took long to know. “Captain Ksour... you are Betazoid.” “Yes, I am.” Alexandra motioned her to take a seat on the sofa. “I guess that Drake told you what happen to me?” “Yes he did... how have you been doing?” “Good days and bad days. I feel sometimes a bit trap in this holodeck.” Alexandra sat at the other side of the sofa. “I can only imagine but I must admit. I don't feel your emotions right now.” “Probably because I'm an hologram here. Ironic.” “Why do you say that Captain?” “Did you read my file Captain Ksour?” “Yes, but because of the war, certain information got lost I know that you were married, you discovered that you had a son, and when you left for that mission, you were 5 months pregnant. You were listed lost and after some year dead.” Thalia wondered if she should talk about Tahl, her husband. She decided to wait and see. “There's more. You know that I am... was one of the heads of the anthropology and archeology department. Specialist in linguist and a few more things. When we discovered the T'Kon station, a part of me felt like a kid in a candy store. Making that find is something that an archeologist and anthropologist dream on and might happen to stumble on once in his or her life. And there is was. In there, many things had happen, I mean before we arrived there. When we arrived there, it was a dangerous place but once we have managed to gain control, well, at the time it was partial control, then we were safe enough. Time went on and that is there I met Tahl. Then, there was that mission on Planet A where we lost 10 crew members. Tahl and me were slam together, separated from the rest for many days and trying to get to them. We had to have each others backs and we learn about each other. When we came out of this mission, the captain had a nervous breakdown and resigned. I got promoted and Tahl and me got closer. Not closer, closer, but friend like would be the right word. Many months went by. I studied how to fight with that battle staff you saw me practice. Tahl, and me got closer. Then came the day of the move, to the USS Cochrane. I needed to make an extensive report to the anthropology and archeology department. A team was coming to study the station, maybe even restore it to it's former glory. I was searching through the station in sector where the scans couldn't get into. The guardian put me into a stasis pod and my mind into a virtual world. Later, it did the same with Tahl.” Alexandra seem to look uncomfortable and got up before picking up the story. “To make a story short, well might be to late on that one.” Alexandra chuckled. “It changed us, because after that we were joined, our consciousness were link. Our proximity to each other we could feel what the other feel and when we were... well you know... it was magical, but the word is too weak. Do you understand?” Ksour understood just too well, that was the feeling she had with Wilson. She touch a growing belly without realizing it. “Yes I do. T'Kon people were telepaths or at least empathics. But could you read others?” “No, well, this ship I could. The station, sorta, it would be complicated to explain this. Let just say that this experience, made me and Tahl grow in unexpected ways.” Alexandra paused and Thalia didn't want to rush it. She could see that Alexandra's pain was on the surface. Then she saw her turn around to look at her straight. “Do you know what happen to Tahl?” ~Here is the question.~ Thalia took a deep breath and look at the coffee table before answering. “He continued for a while, but kept at it to try to find you. A few logs are still in the computer about it, I imagined there should have been more. When you got listed as dead in 2414, he left starfleet. He had all arranged and simply left. After that, nothing, no information but like I said, with the war a lot of information got lost.” Alexandra wanted to cry badly but just couldn't. “I was afraid he would do that. If it had been the other way around. I might have done the same thing.” “Captain Lowell, I think I will leave you. I'm sorry to have been the barer of bad news. I will ask Captain Drake to come to you. A friendly face is what you need.” Alexandra let herself fall on the armchair and started to cry as Thalia let herself out of the holodeck. (Reply : anyone) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Bridge – CO of the Wolfheart Captain Ksour – 1100 After arriving on the Scorpian, Drake escorted Captain KSour to the holodeck. Scorpion – Holodeck– Captain Drake - Captain Ksour – 1103 When Drake had opened the holodeck door, they saw Captain Lowell practicing staff fighting. Drake knew that she had been rather proficient with them even before she got stung. When she noticed them, she stopped at once. "Computer... stop program and recreate livingroom setting." As the simulation changed, Drake introduced Captain KSour. "Alex here is Captain Thalia Ksour, Captain... Captain Alexandra Lowell. I will leave you two to talk and see to your officers." He gave a smile to Alexandra and left them, the door closed. Scorpion – Bridge – Captain Drake – 1145 Drake returned to the bridge and recieved a report of what KSour's crew were doing, where they were at. Jerad had managed to lock engineering before they arrived that section and assigned crewmembers to tail them. Jerad had not wanted the visiters to get into trouble or get hurt. Drake sat down in his command chair and reflected over the years since they arrived. Again he replayed the incident with Rose to see if he could or should have done something different to save her. Also, he tried to do the same thing with what happened to Alex, all the while blaming himself. It should have been him, not them that this happened to. But, the kids from both Alex and Rose argued with him telling him that he was not the blame. "You did everything you could to try and save mom." The Twins (Christina and Daphne) and Christopher would tell him over and over. Micheal and Yldarim continued to support him in what he was doing with Alex. At least they were able to interact with her. She also became somewhat of a mother to Rose's children, able to interact with them also. He had watched as love bloomed between Christopher and Yldarim. At first they tried to hide the fact that they were attracted to each other, but, he had a talk with them both. He assured them that it was ok and even ALex concured with him. They still keep it to a minimum around him, which, he smiles at. He continually misses his soul mate, Rose, especially when he looks at his daughters. They look so much like their mother, it helps and breaks his heart. He makes sure, though, that they know he loves them no matter what. He talks to Alex a lot, which helps them both. He was guessing that Alex would receive news about Tahl that she already suspected. He stood up when he noticed that KSour was walking up to him. "Howdid it go?" he asked. "I told her that I would have you go to her. I think she needs a friendly face right about now." KSour replied. "Thank you, Jerad will assist you from here. I will talk to you later and we will continue to follow you to the starbase." He said then headed to Alex. (Reply : anyone) (Posted by Frank) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 USS Wolfheart – Holodeck 5 – Exobiologist - Lt Somak – 1130 When he arrived to the holodeck doors, he keyed in his access code and the door open. He entered immediately to see in the middle of the naked holodeck, a human female. “I guess the computer took in account Captain Lowell analysis to put a woman wearing patient clothing. Computer, where was Captain Lowell wounded.” The computer modified erased and reappear the woman but from the back side. The shoulder had been free and he could see it. “Hummm... very bad wound indeed. Play the sequence, hour by hour, each hour 10 minutes. Don't key in the intervention Captain Lowell took to combat the infection.” The computer beep, and the simulation started. The infection site started to change color and veins around it started to show sign of infection. Second hour, tissue infection increased, by 13%. Third hour, fourth, sixth, seventh... the infection changed for a fever and the injection site seem to look better. Somak took his holodeck tricorder and kept on scanning. This was a first change in the venom. The simulation kept on going. Eighth, ninth, tenth, eleven, twelveth, the patient started to have pains, starting to the arms, legs. Second change on the infection. Thirteenth, fourteen, fifteen... the patient as more and more difficulty to move. The nerve in the spin cords are under attack. As time progressed, the patient finally was on the floor, immobilized. That is when he observed the skin of the patient, patch of skin changing color. He analyzed one and saw that the cells of what ever he was scanning were regrouping, forming, changing again. Somak got on his feet. ~Fascinanting!~ Computer, stop program, take out the patient on the floor. He stop for a moment, and work with the tricorder, taking notes on his notepad. “Computer, it would seem that this infection follow a predetermine pattern in 3 stages... in a normal population with those insect, what would be the survival rate.” [Analyzing... zero survival rate.] “Zero... now, take into account the steps Captain Lowell took to combat the infection.” [Analyzing.... the subject would take longer to die.] “How come?” [Analyzing... Captain Lowell is a foremost expect in nanotechnology. They are combating the infection and for the beginning, would have set balance, but after the virus increases it's number and overwhelm the body.] “Ok... now Captain Lowell is in stasis... what is her survival rate?” [Analyzing.... the virus would become dormant, the nanotechnology would continue the work, but at a slower pace since the heart functions are considerably decreased.] “How long would it take for the nanites to cure Captain Lowell?” [Unable to analyzed... information is missing.] “Tell me the cure rate for every stage.” [First stage, 100 %, Second stage, 60%, Third stage, 23%. ] “Considering the patient is at the second stage and in cryosleep. How long would take the nanites to cure a patient?” [Analyzing... need information about set patient. In normal humanoid. 57 to 113 yrs before patient would be 100% cure.] “So far so good... she is still in there and need to stay there.” [Additional... do you want to see the metamorphoses of this species?] Somak lifted his head and his left eyebrow shout up. “Explain.” [The virus cells are merging together to form a new lifeform.] “I don't want to see the transformation... instead. Analyze each stage of the infection, DNA sequence, on the wall I'm facing. Show me the changes in the DNA.” The computer beep several times, and as Somak watch the display of letter, it stop once and a while to show the DNA changes. He was taking notes without looking at the notepad. Somak suddenly had a hunch, but he wasn't about to say the work, it would have went against his scientific mind, but knew that ignoring it, could put people in danger in the worst case scenario. So he ask. “Computer stop... I have a question. Are those changes natural?” The computer beep.[No] (Reply from none) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Holodeck – Captain Lowell, Captain Drake – 1150 Alexandra didn't remember when she felt this bad, this hurt. She was crying and couldn't stop. She knew it would have to happen one day, she had to mourn him, but how when you don't have a body to see and bury. She could have said no, she could have quit, return to archeology and anthropology. Multiple scenarios pop in her head, fruitless, guess it was very human of her to feel like that. She had those emotions bottled up for far too long now, Rose had tried to tell her but she is stubborn, and tough to crack. A bound like that made life difficult when one of the two was gone. The only bright spot in her life was her daughter who never knew her father and it made everything worst. Memories kept flooding back to her, the one that she nearly died was the strongest and she couldn't shake it. She never saw him so troubled, so afraid, and yet so much love that if it had been tangible, it would have filled three times over the room they were in. She barely heard the door open but wasn't surprised to hear Drake's voice. As Drake entered the holodeck he saw that Alex was crying in the armchair. His heart went out to her as he thought he knew what it was that she found out. It had to do with what happened to Tahl after she never came back. He walked over to her, "you want to talk?", he asked as he stroked her hair. “Not yet... hold me.” Was the only words that could come out for now. He understood about not wanting to talk at the moment. Rose needed time every now and again to just be held before they talked. He walked around to the front of the chair and as she stood he pulled her up into his arms. Being a hologram she had not the warmth, but, he could feel the warmth she use to have. He knew where she was at, he had been there when Rose had died. He knew that she would have liked closure by burying Tahl, but like him, she would not have one. "Take all the time you need, love" he said to her as he stroked her hair while holding her. “The worst... regrets, pointless regrets.” her voice crack to much to keep going. She couldn't stop crying. Regrets, yes he knew all about those. It was something he would carry the rest of his life. But, it would get easier to carry as time would pass. "Regrets, yes, but, we have the wonderful memories to help us through them." he replied softly to her. "Tahl and Rose would not want us to linger on the regrets, but, on what they have left in our care, the children. The children are the greatest gift that they gave us and we must raise them as they would and not let them forget where and who they came from." “I keep remembering about the time I nearly die. If you had felt what I had felt from him. It was beautiful but so painful. I feel so empty, and I know that Yldarim feels that way to. I saw that yesterday, once and a will she feels blue.” Drake would do anything to help Alex from the pain that he lived with day in and day out. Then, it came to him, "I have something I want you to think about love. Remember the wedding gift I gave you just before you got married?" he asked her then waited for her to reply. It took her a moment. “Yes... an hologram of our son. I watch it a few times before we found Michael.” Tears were still coming but she was taking deep breath to try and composed herself. "with your help and the Scorpion, we can do the same with Tahl. Would you want me to do that?" he asked “I tried but I couldn't make him appear. It was too much.” "Maybe, at the time the ship did not think you needed him as much as you thought. But, maybe with both of us working on it, maybe we can give the ship enough information, that she will think again to help us." pausing to think if the ship would help him once again, Before, he had been in such terrible pain, that might have been the reason why it has worked. But, now, it was to help Alex more than him, all he wanted was to ease her pain. The ship; may not think the reason high enough to allow it. "Look, Alex, I don't know if the ship will help or not. But, it is worth a try with the both of us and maybe Yldarim helping also. Do, you want to put her through that?" “She needs to know about her father, I need to let him go, and his mind is in me. The Scorpion might be able to access that part of my brain. Where ever it is.” She said that as a joke but it was difficult to do it when tears are menacing to fall even more. "Ok, I will let you talk to Yldarim and see if she wants to participate. If she doesn't then we can continue without her if you want." he wanted Alex to garner her daughter's willing help first. It would make the process a lot easier if there was such a thing. “That's a good idea. She needs to be part of it. I know she as questions.” Alexandra started to dry her eyes with the back of her hands. "Are you ok with this if I leave you for now so you can talk to her alone?" He thought that they would need the privacy. “Yes, I will be okay... just needed a good cry and a shoulder.” She gave him a small smile. "My shoulder is always yours when you need them." he replied with a chuckle, "tell her to let me know when you two are done. I will go see what I can do to start the sequence." He said as he gave her a peck on her cheek. “Tell her to come here, and I will take care of that part. I don't remember when I cried so much.” she let out a long sigh. "I will, take it easy on her though. If she doesn't want to help, don't pressure her." he told her as he started to leave. At the door he pressed the intercom, "Yldarim, please come see your mother." Then he looked back at Alex, tell her to call me. =/\= I'm coming!=/\= Said a voice at the other end. He smiled as he shut the comm off and then left. (Reply :anyone) (Posted by LD,FG) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Holodeck – Captain Lowell and Yldarim– 1210 =/\= I'm coming!=/\= Said a voice at the other end. Alexandra watch Drake leave and started to rub a little her face to try to take away the fact she had been crying and it drained her. Funny fact, she didn't really feel tired at all, just look like it. When finally her daughter walk in, this one immediately knew. “Mom... what's wrong.” She walk up to her. “I've been...” She paused and gave her a smile. “Come and site down on the sofa with me Kitten.” Alexandra could see that she twitch hearing the nickname. “Sorry, but I do have to talk to you. You know who are on board right?” “Yes... the captain and a few others. You talk to the captain.” “Yes... and I asked a question to her. She probably had guessed that I would ask it.” Alexandra stop to see if Yldarim would put the pieces together and it would seem she did since she became suddenly nervous. “You talk about that?” “Yes... about your dad.” “He's dead so why open up the wound. To many years, didn't know him.” Yldarim got up feeling uncomfortable and troubled. She turned the corner of the coffee table and made her way to the aquarium. “I know that you want to know him, you feel a loss just like I am. Don't hide from it, I understand. Captain Ksour told me that your father left the federation once I was declared dead, they lost track of him, and with the war, there might not be a trail.” Alexandra walk up to her slowly, and put her hand on her shoulder to turn her around. On the face of her daughter was tears, she didn't object to her mother holding her and be comforted. “It's okay Kitten, I let out myself the Niagara falls earlier.” “Why would he leave?” “Don't know, he might have felt there was no hope and tried to find me by himself. Who knows. The only thing I know in my hear is that he felt the loss of both of us.” “Mom... I don't know how to.” She cried a little more. “Take you time... I'm not going anywhere.” It made her daughter react. “That is not funny anymore... I hope that doctor, captain, what or who ever has a cure for you.” Alexandra smiled and thought. ~That was the bounds I share with Tahl.~ “I know that joke gets old, but regardless, it's the truth.” She let out a sigh. “And I hope to that they find a cure for me. I don't want to stay forever an hologram.” She took a step back to look at her daughter's face and dry her tears just like when she was a child. “Now, tell me... you said, I don't know how... how what?” “I want to know dad. I would like to say goodbye. Just don't know how mom.” “Drake might have a solution.” “Drake... how?” “With the Scorpion, but he might need your help and mine. Now it's me who find it difficult to explain this.” Alexandra took her daughter's hand and they return to the sofa. “When I met your father, we had arrive to an Alien station.” “I remember, you told me about it.” “Well, part of it I didn't. When we were about to leave, I decided to make a last scan of the sectors that the sensors couldn't go and too make the story short. Something happen to your father and me, something that later made you possible. In what as happen, your father's consciousness and mine got exchanged and put at a certain place. A copy of my consciousness in his and his in mine. It is possible, maybe, the Scorpion might be able to reach that part of my brain and make relive in here your father.” She paused and could see it was difficult but kept her hands in her. “Maybe that way, we could see him once and a while, let the pain change to joy somehow and finally be able to let him go... to keep only the love he gave us.” Her voice was low and warm. Yldarim was looking at her, I little bit shocked since that is what she always wanted. “Yes... but I don't know anything about dad, not like you.” “Kitten, there's a lot of him in you that you think. You need to trust that. Come here, I want to hold you for a while. I will tell Drake later that we want to do this.” Alexandra surrounded her daughter's shoulder and let her head fall on it. She smiled as she imagined how it felt like to be held like that by her child, but here, she couldn't sense her motions like when she was a baby. It didn't matter, she closed her eyes to take in the moment, and caress her hair. (Reply :anyone) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Science 1 – Captain Drake – 1230 ~Vldarim needed to know her dad~ Rang through Drake's mind as he walked away. Hopefully he or the ship would be able to recreate a viable likeness of Tahl. He was sure that with the memories of Tahl ALex had in her mind, the thought pattern and emotions could be duplicated. He wanted to help Alex as much as possible, so, she would be happier until they could come up with a cure. If he was successful, even Yldarim would be happy cause she would be able to talk to her dad and get to know him somewhat. Reaching the science lab, he opened one of the terminals. "computer, I need your help" he stated as he walked around thinking on what to say. [State your question] came the normal reply. "Do you remember helping me create a hologram of Michael?" he asked [yes I have it in my databanks] "I need to know if we can do that again with a person named Tahl? I know that you have data from the time he was on the ship." he was talking more to himself than to the ship [yes I do have data on the one Tahl] "ok, from what you have, what is the percentage success of creating him?" he wanted to go one step at a time. [50] "ok what about my input?" he asked [55, depending on if your information is different than what is already stored in my memory.] "now Alex has stored memory pattern of said person" going one step further [90] "and with DNA from his daughter" he hoped that would put it further. [98, plus or minus 2 percent with all the variables that you have stated] came the final answer. "We will have to go with that" Drake said thinking out-loud, then back to the computer. "Get started with what you have so far. I will get the DNA sample for you." [Acknowledged] Tapping his combadge, "Vldarim, could you please come to science room 1 after you and Alex are finished?" he asked knowing that by now Alex would have told her. Her answer would tell him if a lot. =/\=I know....I'm coming. Give me a moment and I'll be there.=/\= came her reply He could tell that there were still emotions running, which, told him that she was having trouble accepting what has been proposed. He hoped that once the process was finished, things would get better for her. Putting her out of his mind for the moment, he started inputting his information. (Reply : Vldarim, anyone) (Posted by FR) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Holodeck – Yldarim– 1240 Yldarim let herself be comforted by her mother, actually it felt quite good and which there could be some warmth, body warmth and a heart beat. She missed that the most in the relationship with her mother. Then, a message bip through.

/\=Vldarim, could you please come to science room 1 after you and Alex are finished?=/\

“I know....I'm coming. Give me a moment and I'll be there.” she said straighten herself up. Yldarim look at her mother. “Mom, I don't know what I could do, but I will try.”

“It's all I'm asking.” Once she was out of the holodeck, she took a moment to take 2 deep breaths to calm herself before going to the Science 1 lab. She never understood the bound between her mother and her father, true that she was 2 yrs old when her mother was setup in the cryotub and was basically raised by Rose and Drake, her godparents. So, she was going to see Drake, not knowing if this experiment would work, full of questions and doubts. A part of her wanted to know, when she would think of her dad, it was just emotions, chaotic and she always pushed it aside. ~Maybe it's time.~ She arrived there and saw Drake looking at the screen of the computer, entering data and such. “Uncle Drake... I'm here!” She said taking a few steps further. (Reply : Drake) (Posted by LD) Mission : A blast from the past - Stardate : 2478.05.12 Scorpion – Science 1 – Yldarim - Drake - 1245 Drake was nearly finished imputing everything he knew about Tahl. He sensed someone had entered the room and turned to see Yldarim. "Uncle Drake... I'm here!" She said taking a few steps further. He looked at her beautiful face with the red puffed up eyes. He felt for her because of what she would be going through. He knew that she was scared as to what might happen if she could meet her father for the first time. She had always called him, Uncle, which, on a ship this small, even if it really isn't small, what else would you call someone that is in your life always. He also felt like he was her uncle or even more because of how much he loved her mother. He walked to her as she walked to him. He opened his arms to put around her to hug her and give her some warmth. He wanted to make this as easy on her as he could and comfort her in the process. "Honey, I won't force you to do this if you rather not." he said after a moment. "I know." she came beside it and watched what was on the screen. "Mom was really hurting, wasn't she?" "yes dear, she loves your dad very much." he answered her as he followed her to the screen. "plus the fact that she has his mental pattern in her head, makes it even worse." "She told me about it... when I think of it... I only sense a chaos of emotions. Never knew him. Then mom told me you could recreate him. You always told me and Rose not to hide from fear or pain. I wonder how you will do that." "The science of how this is going to happen is really hard to explain. A lot of this process is done by this wonderful ship. This ship is a very ancient ship and from a race that was far more advanced than we are. I gather a few things and it does the rest." he explained to her. "the only thing I need from you is a swab of the inside of your mouth." "I know it's ancient... she plays game with me, not funny all the time." She gave him a smile. "Okay, you can do it." He smiled at her as he reached over to get the long stemmed qtip inside a plastic container. Slowly, he pulled on plastic gloves and removed the qtip carefully holding on the stem. "open wide sweetheart" he instructed her and as she did he carefully swabbed the inside of her cheek. He finally removed it and placed it back into its container. "that is all, didn't hurt at all I hope." he asked as he hugged her. "No... It's hard to see mom like this and you... you are hurting to." She let her head rest in the dept of his shoulder. She remembered how he used to hold her when she had nightmares and smiled. "I need to see Christopher, he had something to show me. You will tell me how it's going on right?" It pained him for her to know how he felt, but, he restrained from showing it. "Yes, You and your mother will be the first to know. Go now have some fun, smile, laugh." he said then kissed the top of her head. "Yes... I will Uncle Drake!" She gave him a smile and left the science lab. She needed to see Christopher, so far he was the only one who knew how she felt, her little fears and anguish from time to time. After watching her leave, he turned to put the sample into the receptacle so it could be uploaded with all the other information. As the DNA entered the stream and the Scorpian started digesting everything, lights started blinking. He knew from the Michael that it would take some time to process. "Let me know when you are done or need anything." he said to the computer. [Acknowledged] (reply: anyone) (posted by FR)