COMPILE – Mission : The Iconian Codex, day 1

Mission : The Iconian Codex, Day : 1

Stardate : 2477.12.25

(Starbase Odysseus – OPS – Fleet Admiral Iskra & CO Captain Ksour – 0915)

Ksour set foot on OPS, she look around and observed that the new Commodore was in his office but that Fleet Admiral Iskra was there looking at the view screen. He turned to see who was coming.

“Just the person I wanted to see... What do you think of the station?”

“It looks good... but I just can't wait to be on my ship.”

“I know what you mean and here is a mission for you.” He gave her a pad, she opened it with her thumb print. Ksour look at him but he was looking at the view screen when an ensign arrived, a bit nervous and said.

“Fleet Admiral Iskra... You want to be informed when you ship would arrive... It just signal that it will be in orbit in 3 minutes.”

“Thank you ensign... dismiss!” He look at Ksour. “Problems?”

“No, just there's several things not there... the crew!”

“Escort me to the transporter room. I envy you... you have the Captain's yacht to take you to your ship. I have a transporter to take.” They entered the lift together. “Transporter room 1... You were saying a crew, they were reassign to the Avenger, also, I renamed it the USS Wolfheart A. I can't forget that the Wolfheart is part of our history, it's the ship that destroyed the gateway just after it got in... a nice maneuver. So, Captain Ksour, you have your crew back and your ship is ready to go. I should say, Merry Christmas, by the way... congratulation on your pregnancy.”

“Thank you!”

“I guess you were here to see the 'Father'?”

“Yes, I started a baby album.” They arrived to the transporter room. Admiral Iskra walked up to the pad and said. “Have a good trip Captain Ksour! Energize!”

“You too Fleet Admiral Iskra.” Ksour saw him disappear.

“I guess it's my turn to go!” She nodded to the transporter chief and left. Thalia hurried to her yacht, she was 24 hrs away at warp 5. The ship was testing it's warp engines which was giving her time to follow the doctor's order. Get some time off. She took that opportunity to see Robin and give him a little present, a copy that will update himself as she passed test. Also giving him the news that the baby will be a boy as it's own effect.

(Starbase Athena – docking port 39 – 0930)

Thalia nodded to the security officer that knew her well and continued on to the Captain's yacht.

“Captain Ksour pilot of the Yacht... asking for clearance for departure.”

/\=You have clearance Captain Ksour... have a good trip!=/\

Thalia pushed a few keys on the control panel, and the docking clamps let go of the ship as she action slowly the thrusters. Once cleared of the traffic area, she set the course and actioned the warp drive. It was nice to be in control, a bit of hands on situation.

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