Lobivia is the name of the star system and planet, in the old star map, in the middle of the old Romulan and Federation zone.  The Lobivian goverment were particular about the Archeologist they wanted and tried two others before Alexandra Lowell.  A nineteen years old Archeologist/Anthropologist specialist with a speciality in language and history.  Her mother, of course, didn't want her to go unless she was sure that she could take care of herself, and Alexandra Lowell learn to use a phaser weapons, and self-defense arts before she would let her go.  This was her first dig as head director.

Previous archeologists, Lobivian and from outside during centuries were on the hunt for a specific artifact.  The Lobivian eggs.  The Lobivian star system comprised of 7 planets govern by a central planet, Lobivia.  The last egg had been hidden during the last civil war over 2000 years ago by monks.  Alexandra Lowell dug every day for a month before finding the evidence that would put her on the future dig site.  She was watched at every steps and pushed away all unsavory character around the dig at the exception of one, she didn't know why, it was a man that she later knew the name, Francis Drake.  It was more or less his fault that the artifact got stolen, and after reflection, not sure what drove her to say yes but she went with him to retrieve this precious piece of history.

When they returned to Lobivia, they were to attend the ceremonies where the artifact was to be given to a museum where it would be placed on display. The artifact was a link between a religion here and on another planets linking them together as one.    Further study of the egg showed it to be a very complex stone.  This picture is the only one permitted to be taken.  Several scientist observed that the shapes forming designs changed from time to time.

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