AGE : 57 yrs old

SPECIES : Human/El-Aurian
HEIGHT : 6 foot 6
WEIGHT : 200 lbs
HAIR COLOR : Dark brown
EYE COLOR : Dark green
SKIN COLOR : Caucasian


Drake has a very athletic 6'6" body from years of hard work and exercise, where lies raw power that rarely comes forth except in extreme times. He sports wavy dark brown hair and dark green eyes on a 200 pound tanned frame.



Lt. Comdr. Rose Cantarzini (Deceased)


Daphne Drake


Christina Drake


Christopher Drake

Drake does not know much about his early childhood as his parents died during an archeological dig site cave in when he was a child. He discovered through some papers that his mother was Human and his father was El-Aurian. He had been moved from one orphanage to another until he was old enough to leave and begin life on his own. During the time he was in the orphanages, he could not carry all that his parents had left him, so, he had decided to carry one thing that was his mothers, a beautiful necklace which he kept hid from everyone else. He attended school at every orphanage he was place and excelled in his studies.

Francis Drake and Rose Cantarzini son name : Christopher 26 yrs old

Twins : Christina and Daphne 20 yrs old


Being a straight honor student he was able to garner scholarships to further his education. He went on to college and continued his scholastics achievements he started in the lower school system. He had been a loner ever since the death of his parents, so, when he went into college he earned a masters degree in Archeology with a minor masters degree in Anthropology. He figured he did not need a lot of people to accomplish a career in either of these like his parents did. In his off time he managed to get into some classes in Fencing, Kenpo, Myo-shin-juku, Aikido, and several other forms of weapons training. He also was fortunate enough to acquire some Klingon weapons training in their weapons. He favored swords and staffs as his weapons of choice which he became very good at. He also started collecting different weapons, mostly swords and staffs, from many different ages and once he started traveling in space from different worlds.


Alien Ship - The Scorpion

When he had finished his college degrees he found that he had a trust fund but could not find out who made it for him. With the trust fund he was able to do much of whatever he wanted to do. He decided that he wanted to go to different worlds and gather artifacts which he wanted to place in his little museum or sell if he wanted. So, he began working for a group of people where he could achieve that. His employer had sent him on a job where he was to collect an artifact before several other groups could get it. He arrived at the site where the artifact was suppose to be at to find the most beautiful women he had seen in his life. He knew that he had to meet this woman and get to know her. Forgetting what he was suppose to do, he inadvertently cause the artifact that the young woman and himself wanted, to fall into the hands of the wrong people. Feeling sure that he could retrieve the artifact, but, wanting to get to know the young woman more, he suggested that they work together to get it back. They decided that who would get the artifact would be decided when they actually acquired it again.

Over the next two years they traveled all over tracking the artifact and finally they found it. They discovered that the only way to get it back was to do the same thing the others did, steal it. Once they stole it and was safely away and headed back to earth, Drake gave the artifact to this young woman to do what she intended in the first place. All during the time that they were tracking the artifact she degraded him at every opportunity for causing her to lose it in the first place. He just smiled at her because he was just pleased to have her with him. Toward the end they were getting along very well and the times they had to pose as couples became easier for them. When they returned to earth they were to attend the ceremonies where the artifact was to be given to a museum where it would be placed on display. The artifact was a link between a religion here and on another planet linking them together as one. After showing this young woman a place that he considered very special he handed her his mothers necklace. He wanted to ask her to marry him when they where at the museum, but, as he was heading to the place, he noticed his old employer with some of his boys. His ex-employer was not happy that he did not receive this very valuable artifact and was out for blood. Thinking that he would lead them away from this young woman, he decided to run with them following him. As he saw her standing there he blew a kiss in her direction and said his silent good bye to the young woman and vowed he would return soon after ditching the people. After a few months he was able to return but could not find her and so start his search for her over two years. He searched every archaeological dig he could find and paid lots of money to people to help find her but nothing ever turned up. It was like she had just vanished from the face of the galaxy.




While in college Drake had continued to do things that he had found he liked as a child, things such as chess, darts, horse riding, and dancing. He also picked up a few new things in college such as weight lifting, martial arts, fencing/sword fighting, sailing, flying, and socializing. He also started collecting things and would study on other ancient artifacts that he would one day look for.

Drake is very good in astronavigation, black belt in many different styles of the martial arts, Kempo, Myo-shin-juku, Aikido, and several other forms of weapons training. He has shown that he is very good in business tactics. He can pilot just about every small or medium starship and many different terran planes. Drake also managed to get training in every aspect of security and tactical.