USS Vega




(Listed as MIA, presumed dead at Stardate 2414.06.25)

AGE : 34 yrs old
GENDER : Female

BIRTHPLACE : Earth, North America, Canada
HEIGHT : 5 foot 7
WEIGHT : 150 lbs
EYE COLOR : Gray/Green
SKIN COLOR : Caucasian


Alexandra keeps her hair short, to the jaw level. She keeps fit with fight training exercises, usually in the privacy of an holodeck. As a cadet, Lowell suffered an shuttle accident, and lost her right arm. She replaced it with an artificial arm. Specification not in file, configuration is classified.

CLASSIFIED FILES : Cybernetic arm, constructed with Borg implants technology. Extensive works and modifications were made with Borg nano technology and nods for converting information. A tricorder system was integrated to the hand, speed enhance it's connected to nods in certain part of her brain, for storage, archives, and access of pertinent data. She can assess a computer wirelessly until she's near a panel console. If that link is down for whatever reasons, she can access the computer by hocking up an adaptor on her index finger.



Lieutenant Michael Lowell


Michael Lowell-Drake


Commander Tahlmari


Yldarim Lowell-Talhmari

Lowell's parents were born into starfleet.

Father : Michael Lowell (First image on the left is from old Starfleet archives)

Mother : Diana Fisher (Chief Medical Officer)

Alexandra Lowell and Commander Yldarim Tahlmari (full name of the father but also is the daughter's name) : Yldarim 26 yrs old.

Alexandra Lowell and Francis Drake son : Michael 29 yrs old.

Her father was an lieutenant in the USS Pegasus. He became MIA, presumed dead during the rescue operation of a Bajoran ship which had been attacked by a Cardassian ship. Alexandra was 6 yrs old. Her mother is a starfleet doctor who worked on Earth to take care of her elderly parents. She had them settled with her on a space station in orbit of Aldea.

Alexandra was born on Earth, North America in a city called Montreal, but early on they moved from starbase, and/or starships. It made her develop many interest.

Before she enlisted in starfleet, she never was married but said that she had one serious relationship, and didn't go further to give details. Only later to discover that this individual was Captain Francis Drake.  She had a short relationship during her academy years, with K'Lonar, now this officer is Chief Science Officer on Starbase 75. Since 2405, she has started a relationship with an officer name Tahlmari. 2406.09.17, got married. 2407.03.20, she is now waiting a child, a baby girl.  In a previous mission, also with Captain Francis Drake, to rescue her “thought he was dead” father, in a small Cardassian community, and who seem to be hunted by a man named Mister Black. Alexandra and Drake discovered a lot more, that this Black had cloned a child, more in particular the child she had lost a decade ago when she was with Drake. The child is 3 quarters human and a quarter El-Aurian, she gave him the name of Michael.


Good student, learning never was tuff or easy. She has a visual memory in practically all area of studies.  There she took full advantage of every facilities, discovering the full capacity of her mind and body. Making friends was easy and when she found herself in a group, she was the glue that help each other out.  The last year of the academy, an accident caused her to leave starfleet for a short time.  After a psychological and training evaluation, Lowell was declared fit for duty.  On the side of a personal growth. She made a lot of friends during her academy days and got into trouble once.

Primary school : Starbase Crimson 83% High school : Starship Armstrong 89% College : Starbase Capris 86% Extra curriculum activities : Kendo, Judo, Fencing, Aïkido, Bat'leth, anbo jytsu, Gymnastic, and others. Outside activities University level : Archeology, anthropology, geology, language history, Federation History, Computer Programming, Engine conception and construction 93% Extra course : Medical implants and bioengineering 95% ; Brain Circuitry Patterns 94% ; Cyborg and Android technology 97%

Like previously said, her interest are diverse, language she talk are english, french, T'Kon, Klingon, and a bit of Vulcan, also a computer system for her personal use. Prior to Starfleet was her career as an archaeologist and anthropologist expert.  For 2 years she worked undercover to retrieve stolen artefacts and even more so one of the last Lobivia Egg . The reason to leave this work was that she did everything that she set out to do and it was time to change.  Seeing an opportunity of growth, and wanting some changes, she decided to go to the academy.  Opportunity to find work in other fields was plenty, but she decided to keep her options open.  She's a part time consultant for the members of the Federation Archeology Team A&A officer (Archaeology and Anthropology specialist).  She is listed to be one of the top specialists in T'Kon civilization.

  • First assignment : Cochrane Research Station, Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer 
  • Promotion : USS Discovery, Chief Tactical/Security Officer; Grade, Ensign,
  • Stardate 2404.12.31  Promotion : USS Discovery, Chief Tactical/Security Officer, Grade : Lieutenant (Jg),
  • Stardate 2405.05.02  Promotion : USS Discovery/Cochrane Research Station, Grade : Lieutenant (Sg),
  • Stardate 2405.08.01  Promotion : Cochrane Research Station, Grade : 2O Lt. (Sg),
  • Stardate 2405.10.28  Promotion : Cochrane Research Station, Grade : Lieutenant Commander,
  • Stardate 2405.12.05  Promotion : USS Cochrane Grade : FO Commander,
  • Stardate 2406.03.05  Promotion : USS Cochrane, Acting Commanding Officer,
  • Stardate 2406.03.06 (following the precipitated departure of Captain Robin Alexander)
  • Promotion : USS Cochrane, Commanding Officer, rank Captain,
  • Stardate 2406.03.09. USS Vega intrepid class 4th generation,
  • Stardate 2407.05.26

Medal of Distinction : For stepping in to take command of the station when all three command officers were killed or incapacitated, and leading the effort to rid the station of invading Xenolathe forces on 2405.08.05. To have help Starbase Geneva in the resolution of their problem with all the resources of the USS Cochrane 2406.03.08. Starfleet Achievement Award : For performance above and beyond the call of duty in the conversion of the T'Kon station into the Cochrane Research Facility. The equivalent of this medal for Captain Lowell is the Spock Science Award.

Additional : It's a bizarre report, but here goes. Captain Lowell was sent on a special mission by Starfleet Command. This mission should have taken a few months, but after 4 months of not knowing what was going on. Commander Tahlmari, her husband, contacted Captain Drake a very good friend and try to find her. After some time, Drake finds Lowell, on the event horizon of some sort of space phenomena, he also finds that Michael, their son was with her and didn't leave with the rest of the crew. He rescues both of them but his ship get stuck there. They slowly find their way out to only figure out that 43 yrs have pass. Then, some strange force, that this time Lowell knew who created it, push them out of the system. It took the Scorpion 27 yrs to reach the new place of the 9th fleet. An analysis proved that they also moved into a different reality, the cause, T'Kon technology.





Insect parasite

In good health. Lost her right arm in a shuttle accident who was replaced. No rejection signified. Suffer a few broken ribs and cuts in fights. At the exception of the normal childhood diseases, no major sickness. A form of allergy with Deltans pheromones, the female of the species, makes her aggressive, toward jealousy. The male of the species make her receptive to suggestion and other sort. Unless the Deltans controls himself or herself, there could be danger for Captain Lowell's health. Stardate 2406.03.06 Suffered a phaser discharged at close range, the consequence were internal bleedings, one broken rib, two cracked ribs, and second degree burns. 2406.03.08, complete recovery with added rest for the next two days.

Psychologically, the lost of her arm affected her a great deal. To a certain level, she felt responsible even after irrefutable proof that it was totally a mechanical problem that happen suddenly and that there was no way for her to know or detect it. Her hand/tricorder is probably a symptom of that effect. She knows it and is still working on herself to deal with it. Also, the counselor seem to feel that there was more, but Lowell never spoke up about anything else. What ever it is, it has never stop her from doing her work.

Captain Lowell started a pregnancy that is closely monitored to the fact that the father is Zakdorn and never such events have been recorded. Biologically, Human and Zakdorn are compatible, but the gestation period is in question. Zakdorn gestation period is 7 months. Right now, the growth of this child is going normally and is very healthy, it seem to follow human growth.

Additional : Captain Lowell had an healthy baby girl after 8 months and an half, and for 2 yrs lived and worked with the crew of Captain Drake. It was on a mission to gather some natural resources that she was stung by an insect named Xrotopelecinid(on the right). Finding no cure for it despite her medical knowledge, she was put into a stasis pod created by the Scorpion ship. She will remain in stasis until proper help can be given to her.



T'Kon battle staff

Gymnastic, fencing and if stress gets her, some hand to hand combat. In more tranquil instants, she enjoys sun bathing, swimming, and reading.

Scientific projects : 1- New archive system 2- Cybernetic technology 3- T'Kon history and customs.

Lowell also has a green thumb and an aquarium that she takes care of since childhood. She also tackle the game Altonian brain teaser, and also created several Calisthenics programs.

A good pilot with a sense of improvisation and instinct. She also won prizes in the domain of martial arts, anbo-jytsu, Kendo, judo, fencing (sword play), T'Kon battle staff and gymnastics. She participated at a few Bat'leth tournaments. Interaction with other species are easy for her and met with curiosity. She always say what's on her mind and that got her a couple of times in trouble. She also like clear and direct answers.