Planet : Brikars home planet is a low gravity planet. Temperature of the environment is similar has the Vulcan homeworld.

Physical : Brikars managed to become large bipedal creatures with a thick hide the resembles rock. Their tough hides and dense physiques make them look like living rock statues. Their skin is impervious to most projectile weapons. It is a common belief that the Brikar have genetically altered their physical make-up over the centuries, and have in effect bred themselves for physical strength. In the relatively higher Earth gravity, Brikarians appear more flattened vertically than on their homeworld, and they experience some difficulty in moving. However, they retain their incredible strength. The average Brikarian is capable of lifting several tons, even in Earth gravity. Although fairly rigid in physique Brikarians can be capable of unexpected quickness. They have large lung capacities, slow metabolisms and airtight mouths, allowing them to hold their breath for 20 minutes at a stretch. They have the well-deserved reputation for being hard to scare, owing to their size, strength, and tough hides which can withstand phaser blasts that would kill humans. They have small all-black eyes, two vertical slits for a nose, a simple slit for a mouth, and have two small circular ear holes on either side of their proportionally small and compact heads. They have three-fingered hands featuring two fingers in a V-shape and an opposible thumb.

Culture: The Brikarians are a technologically sophisticated, roughly humanoid civilization from the low-gravity world of Brikar. They are a proud, warrior race and are members of the Federation. Though not unemotional actually, the Brikar have a renowned stoicism and a chauvinism that is equally famous. The temperament of the Brikar is similar to a Vulcan's detachment, to a Klingon's in battle and once "annoyed". The Brikar have traditionally harbored a dislike for Klingons stemming from intense border disputes that occurred before the Klingon Federation Alliance.