Species 116


Members of this species are humaniod and gifted linguists some times knowing thosands of languages.

Species 125


This species is the one the Borg Queen came from.

Species 149


This species had advanced medical technology that allowed people to be revived 72 hours after death.

Species 180


A species of extreme captalists. It is unknown why an Alpha Quadrant species has a low species number impling the Borg encountered them early on in their conquests.

Species 218


This species has a dense musculature that made them excellent drones.

Species 242


Species with high visual memory, but short lifespan.

Species 259


This species is an omnicordial species that developed the pattern-duplication design that is the heart of the Borg's autonomous regeneration sequencers.

Species 262


This species was very primitive when assimilated.  Their oarl history told of a substance that could burn the sky.  The Borg were intrigued and followed the trail of the myth which lead them to discover the omega molecule.

Species 263


This species believed omega was a drop of their creator's blood.

Species 279


Species 312


This species developed tetrion-flux technology that could create an energy barrier undetectable by conventional sensors.

Species 329


A primitive and aggressive race that the Borg find un-suitable for assimilate because they weren't very remarkable.

Species 521


Species 571


This species frowns apon the desecration of dead bodies.

Species 689


Species 812 Brikar

Species 998


Small group discovered, the ship attacked them but was easily controled. Species primitive and aggressive, but they had been manipulated genetically in the past. They are not suitable for assimilation.

Species 1216


Small ship discovered with few survivors. Specialzed in combat, ideal battle drones.

Species 1813


Specialized in war technology, ideal battle drones

Species 2166 Rakosian Species primitive and aggressive. They are not suitable for assimilation.

Species 2461


This species' homeworld is located near a Borg transward conduit and has been attacked by the Borg numerous times.  They have advanced gene splicing technology which they use to grow crops in inhospitable climates as well as implanting some of their children with an anti-Borg pathogen.

Species 3105 Rhawn

Species 3148


Specialzed in combat, very agressive, ideal battle drones

Species 3259


This species' enlarged neocortex makes them have superior analytical abilities.

Species 4228


This species is very violent and make excellent tactical drones.  Other species sometimes hire them as bounty hunters.

Species 4578


Species intercepted deep in the Alpha quadrant, related to Species 3259. Specialized in strategy, and aggressive, ideal battle drones and Tactical.

Species 4774 Skedan

Species 5174


The Borg once encountered a vessle belonging to this species that crew had appererntly been killed by the Hirogen.

Species 5614


Taken at WOLF 359

Species 5615


Taken at WOLF 359

Species 5618

Human or Terran from Earth

This species has below average cranial capacity, minimal redundant systems, and limited regenerative abilities.  Despite that, several attempts to assimilate this species has failed.

Species 5618ASS Trumptairian Members of this species are humanoid with limited linguistic skills, narcissistic. have basic intelligence and cause chaos. Regarded as the lowest form of species 5618. Species 5618-ASS has no qualities worthy of assimilation and will only cause operating deficiencies within the collective. The offspring are unique with each male iteration being worse than the prior. Don Jr called a buffoon and Eric is still to be named and may be classified as a new species of sub-human

Species 5973


Multispectral particle life-form native to Galactic Cluster 8.

Species 6011


Specialzed in combat, ideal battle drones

Species 6104


Species 6253


This species has a strong musculature that makes them excellent drones.

Species 6291


A species of information merchants.

Species 6339


This species was thought to have been totaly assimiated by the Borg in 2375.  However small groups of this species managed to escape assimilation and are working on ways to retaliate against the Borg.

Species 6961


Species 7582


This species has a dense musculature that made them excellent drones.

Species 8472


This species is from another dimension known as fluidic space.  They have a dense genetic structor and a very strong immunity system.  Their weapons and technology is superior to anything known to the Borg.  Voyager helped the Borg develope a weapon to be used against this species.

Species 9724


Reptilien species, specialised in combat, ideal battle drones.

Species 10026


This species was assimilated in 2375.  A small group of four individuals managed to escape with the help of Seven of Nine.

Species 10215


This species with large neocortex makes them have superior analytical abilities, excellent Tactical drones. Small group of 3 individuals had been found, one adult and 2 children.

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