In the greatest military traditions and such, in many different cultures and civilizations, medals were given to soldiers, as well as civilians for various bravery, humanitarian, and political actions.  In this future, you need also to take to evidence the Science, and of course be capable to make a stand for Peace which is the hardest to make happen.  The officers who achieve such levels, that their actions and words make a differences, they deserves those Medals below.  Here is the description of those awards.

Captain's Commendation Award : Awarded for actions above and beyond the call of duty that the Captain deems deserves special recognition. Can be awarded unlimited amount of times and is worn on the dress uniform of the officer during official ceremonies.
Earth Award : Awarded for actions where self sacrifice or injury has been received in protecting others. Can be awarded posthumously to deceased officers.
Cherry Award : Given to all Ensign’s after they reach Ensign Senior Grade, designed as a moral booster after heavy casualties and high fatality rate during the Federation Alliance war. The award has been continued into operation in current times to continue the tradition and never to forget those who sacrificed so much so that we might live.
Wilson Award : Named after Admiral Wilson the commander of the 9th Fleet up until his death. The medal is awarded to those officers that stay in the service for over 5 years. Worn on the dress uniform it is replaced by clustered versions for each additional 5 years of service.
Picard Award : Given to all officers that show great cunning and unique tactics in a combat situation. Can be awarded with clusters and in conjunction with other awards. In the 9th Fleet it has only been given to 2 members of the fleet, it remains one of the highest honors that an officer can receive in the time of their service.
Galen Award : Granted to those officers from the Medical and Counseling department for great medical break through. So far there is 5 officers that carry the award in active service. Can also be granted to civilian scientists.
Admiral's Commendation Award : Given by the Admiral of the fleet in recognition of a officers actions that he deems deserves the award. Is a higher version of the Captain’s commendation and can be given in conjunction with the Captain’s commendation.
Spock Science Award : Named after Captain Spock the award is given to officers that show great scientific understanding that leads or assists to break through.
Commodore's Commendation Award : Given by the Commodore in recognition of a officers actions that he deems deserves the award. It is between the Captain's award and the Admiral commendation award.
Purple Heart Award : A continuation of the 20th and Continuing centuries awards for those in the armed services that are injured in the line of duty. Can be awarded numerous times and in those officers from the Great war it continues to be seen with numerous clusters.
Columbus Award : Granted to members of the crew that encounter a new species and successfully negotiate treaties. Granted by the Diplomatic core.
Geneva Award : Given to the officer who succeeded to negotiate a peace treaty between two conflicting parties or more, not necessarily members of the Federation.
Red Cross Award : For a crew member that has shown great courage in the protection of others in a combat situation. In Majority given to Medic’s and Doctors.
Kang Award : Award granted to the officer who developed new tactical combat maneuvers, hand to hand combat or ship against ship.
Medal of Distinction : Medal given to an officer who, in out of the ordinary action, and where the command crew is unconscious, takes over, deals with the situation and saves the day. Award granted to the officer who developed new tactical combat maneuvers, hand to hand combat or ship against ship.
(Graphic : LD) (Written by RB)