GENDER : Female
AGE : 34 yrs old
RACE : Human/Risan
STATUS : Active
ASSIGNMENT : Starbase Athena

The Academy is open to everyone, and whatever, where ever are your origins, believes, etc.

We have a vast array of activities, field studies, and special training. When we left our quadrant, and with the war that halted the Academy activities we knew that we needed to make sure that those new officers that were form on the spot "sorta speak" learn the rest of the skills that seasoned officers once upon a time learned at the academy. Now, that it is mostly all done, we are open to the new generations to come as we rebuilt our fleet.

You need to read a document, given to all cadets before they apply to the Academy. Rules and Posts Guidelines

Once that is done, you are ready to enlist. Here is the link. Application Form to the Academy

Or, you can copy and paste the following.

Your name :

Your email :

How old are you? (I don't want a specific age unless it doesn't bather you)

15 to 20     21 to 25     26 to 30     31 to up

Game experience (If you want to tell me) :

1st Choice of department (Tactical/Security; Medical; Science; OPS/CONN; Engineer; Counselor)

(PS: No Marine or Fighter officer, read the Rules, it's explained)

2nd Choice of department

Character name :

Gender :

Age :

Species :

Birthplace :

Hair color :

Eye color :

Write a post presenting yourself to Lieutenant Jade Maroza, your instructor :

You send me all this to this email : Laurence